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Oct 20, 2012 | 2012 Articles, DJ Reimer, Education, Teens

by D.J. Reimer

Finally! The most stressful week of the student council year is over. Homecoming week 2012 was definitely a highlight of my senior year, I hope the feeling was likewise for other students at RHS.

The theme this year was blockbuster movies. Everyone likes movies. Easy theme right? WRONG!

Basing a rally, dress up days, and a dance off of box office smashing films proved to be more difficult than I imagined. But the complexity of Homecoming was no match for my council!

Monday was Disney day. I saw a lot of creativity and a lot of Mickey ears.

D.J. Reimer

Tuesday was “Back to the Future”, a dress up day named after the classic 80s films. Students dressed up as Robots, flappers, and greasers. Very nostalgic for old teachers…you know who.

After critical acclaim for films like “The Dark Knight Rises” and “The Avengers”, we dedicated Wednesday’s dress up day to Superheroes. Name brand restaurants catered hungry Reedley High students on Wednesday and Thursday which are “Food Booth” days that are used as fundraisers for clubs on campus. Most people that had Panda Express spent about half an hour after lunch in the bathroom. Too spicy!

Thursday was also Sports Day which by far had the most participants.

Thursday night was the longest night of my life! I was so worried because Friday was a huge test for the new ASB. We had a rally, parade, and dance that we needed to knock out of the park. We did.

For many reasons, we had the rally in the morning. I don’t think it could have gone better. It was fantastic! The highlight of the entire rally was definitely seeing Betty, Ms Adams, Ms Caban, and Mr. Camargo, Merchant, and Stepp perform “Baby Got Back” and “Gangam Style.”

As for the parade finding costumes was immensely difficult! I couldn’t have done it without my partner in crime and personal assistant for the homecoming week, Lana Rotan. My sophomore year, the theme was Disney and Lana did costumes….when she was still in high school. She doesn’t even go here! I thank her for her effort and commitment to her alma mater. Many a trip to the Salvation Army paid off when we were met with such a positive reaction.

After the dance, I fell asleep and stayed asleep….until 3PM the next day.

Homecoming was a highlight of my senior year. We are currently working with our rivals Sanger High on a charity project. I shall keep you all informed!

This is the blab. Thank you for being such great readers! Later!

Check back on KRL for more articles. This has been a pleasant dosage of The Blab. I hope to have pleased you as much as this has pleased me. I’m DJ Reimer. See you soon folks!

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D.J. Reimer has lived all of his life in Reedley and is a senior at Reedley High School where he serves as President of the Associated Study Body & Editor in Chief of the Yearbook. He is also very active in student clubs, choir, and drama at Reedley High School. After graduating, he intends to pursue either international business or political science and improve the world in which he lives.

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