A Reedley High School Club Making A Difference For Hungry Children

Nov 17, 2012 | 2012 Articles, Education, Helping Hands, Lorie Lewis Ham, Reedley News

by Lorie Lewis Ham

On the Reedley High School campus there are many different clubs of all shapes and sizes. French Club, Drama Club, GSA, FFA, Christian Club, Key Club—something for everyone to be a part of, and they all serve a purpose of some kind. One of the newer clubs on campus strives to do something bigger–something that reaches way beyond Reedley High, and even Reedley itself.

The When I Grow Up Club began in March of this year and their two main missions are to bring awareness of what extreme poverty really looks like and to raise support for children in extreme poverty. Club president, RHS student Cynthia Knight, said that some of the students heard about the When I Grow Up charity and wanted to find a way to support it. WIGU is a Reedley based charity that helps starving children all over the world (learn more in the recent KRL article).

“We truly believe that we are the generation that will see extreme poverty kicked off the face of the planet,” stated Gilbert Foster, Co-Founder of When I Grow Up, in the recent KRL article.

“We decided to start a club on campus,” said Cynthia. “To not only bring awareness of what extreme poverty really is, but to help high school students realize that they can make a BIG difference in the world right now by supporting these children.”

Halloween dance fundraiser

“The goal of the club is to raise awareness about global poverty and to help plan or volunteer at events that raise awareness or money,” shared one of the adult volunteers with the club, Amy Lepp. “They just put on a Halloween dance at school as a fundraiser and I believe raised $750. They also volunteered at the Fiesta Race.”

“Last year we did a CHANGE for CHANGE campaign where we collected loose change and raised about $350,” said Cynthia.

The club meets every Thursday at lunch in the band room and their club advisor is Mrs. Gates. While attendance at the meetings varies, the club has approximately 40 members and Cynthia said they always welcome new ones. “If you have a passion to help children, then we welcome you to take part.”

Their next big event will be a Brand New Shoe Drive. The WIGU Charity is trying to collect 600 pairs of brand new shoes by Christmas. “So we want to help them out, and we are going to commit to 35 pairs of shoes,” continued Cynthia.

To learn more about WIGU and what you can do to help, check out their website. If you are an RHS student who would like to be a part of changing the world and helping stamp out extreme poverty, attend the next WIGU Club meeting!

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