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by Lorie Lewis Ham

This past weekend the latest Legends show opened at the Reedley Opera House presented by the River City Theatre Co. Legends is a series of cabaret type shows that have a different running theme in each one. This year’s theme is Hollywood!

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by Cynthia Chow

After a brief moment of fame as the “Don’t think so, boo!” girl in the Chubby Chicken commercials, aspiring actress Dayna Day decided to retire from acting. Always being recognized as familiar—but not someone they knew from high school—tests Dayna’s patience and humiliation limits, especially since she’s either overqualified or under qualified for most jobs. Dayna’s job search becomes critical when she receives a phone call from her father, who has the upsetting news that her parents’ home is about to be foreclosed on and that the lawyer Dayna hired was a con artist.


by Terrance Mc Arthur

Lock a Hollywood producer with father-in-law issues (his wife’s dad owns the studio) in an office for five days with a director he stole from another movie he was doing, and a screenwriter who never read the most popular book of the decade, and what do you get? At the Good Company 2nd Space, you get Moonlight and Magnolias, Ron Hutchinson’s comedy about writing the script for Gone With the Wind, playing through February 21.


by Marilyn Meredith
& Lorie Lewis Ham

Sexy, platinum blonde movie siren, Gertrude Hurd had it all-fame, men, and riches. But now she was dead. A fallen angel, whose broken body and tarnished halo was lying on a hillside behind her beach front cafe. It’s 1931, and private detective Tom Logan is back, once again immersed in a perplexing mystery, that has him racing against time to track down a merciless killer.


by Cynthia Chow
& Timothy Hallinan

There’s a good reason why professional thief Junior Bender would prefer to give up his side occupation as a private detective for criminals. With criminals as clients who want other criminals investigated, someone is always going to be unhappy and the probability is high that that someone already has a record of not following the law.


by Jude McGee

“C’mon, I want to see his place,” my friend Suzanne begged, referring to O.J. Simpson’s mansion.
“Forget it, you ghoul. I need a coffee.” I put my ancient Fiat Spider into gear and let up the clutch. “He doesn’t live there now, you know.” We rolled into the daytime traffic and headed north.


Faster Than a Speeding Bullet

IN THE February 19 ISSUE

FROM THE 2011 Articles,
andMysteryrat's Maze,
andTerrific Tales

by Sally Carpenter

Superman lay face down in the alley next to a dumpster, a circle of dried blood staining his red cape. Detective Harbison gazed down at the body and decided that regular bullets could take down the Man of Steel just as well as Kryptonite.


by Lorie Lewis Ham

In July of 2001, TV producer, Karen Covell, birthed the Hollywood Prayer Network (HPN), because she believed that Hollywood was not “Sodom and Gomorrah” but “Nineveh” – it can be redeemed. HPN is a grass roots prayer ministry led by Hollywood professionals who seek to impact our culture through prayer.


by Marilyn Meredith

Kit: I’ve always been a “reader,” reading mysteries from a very young age. … When my husband finished his Ph.D at age 50, I decided to see if I could write a book. Little did I know what was to come!


by Crystal Rakes

Next year, I will be a senior and it will be my last year in the Reedley High Dancing Marching Pirate Band. Although it will be my senior year, and I will finally be done with high school, I don’t want it to end.


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