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Setting a Book in Waikiki


FROM THE 2021 Articles,
andMysteryrat's Maze

by Rose Tigarden

Aloha! My name is Rose Tigarden, and I write Hawaiian-themed stories set in my beloved islands. When I look out my window, I see the view featured on my book cover: Waikiki, the ocean, and Diamond Head. If I walk out onto my lanai and look down from my twenty-eighth floor perch, I see the courtyard with the tropical plantings and koi ponds, our pool is on the roof. Only blocks from my Waikiki condo sits the world’s largest open air shopping center, 2.4 million square feet of elegant, sophisticated shopping and dinning.


by Kathleen Costa
& Sally J. Smith and Jean Steffens

Several popular Gemma Halliday Publishing authors have gathered together to write books in a series with the same tropical setting…Aloha Lagoon Resort nestled on the coast of Kauai.


Oahu Nightlife: Where it’s at


FROM THE Contributors,

by Emma Grant

Now that you’ve booked your vacation in Oahu, and you’ve taken a look at and booked a few Oahu vacation rentals it’s time to decide how you’re going to spend your time in this incredible part of Hawaii.


by Kathleen Costa

Alooooha! Welcome to the Aloha Lagoon Resort Mystery series…
Gemma Halliday Publishing has provided ‘cozy’ fanatics a marvelous multi-author book series. Each story, penned by several well-received authors, is set at the same tropical destination, Aloha Lagoon Resort, a resort where it seems murder has come to vacation.


by Terry Ambrose

Writers, almost by definition, are dreamers. On January 26, one of my dreams came true. Paradise, Passion, Murder: 10 Tales of Mystery from Hawai‘i was published after nearly two years of preparation and work. This anthology has one purpose, to help improve literacy in Hawai’i. Every participant in this project, from Carolyn Hart –who wrote our Foreword, to the authors of the stories about murder and passion in the islands, wanted to make a difference. Our dream is to see a day when more children–and their parents–can read. Hopefully, together.


by Cynthia Chow

As a man of a certain age and retired on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, Wilson McKenna is making a resolution towards living a life far more open to friends and family. Perhaps that’s a decision made a bit on the fly, as he has just boarded a plane to the Big Island in order to help his friend Alexander find the niece who has recently gone missing.


by Cynthia Chow

For Honolulu reporter Wilson McKenna, nothing could be more embarrassing – professionally or personally – than to find himself the victim of identity theft and on the hook to the bank, vendors, and their attorneys. A former bill collector and skip tracer, the sixty-three year-old McKenna soon tracks the culprit to the island of Kauai, where she is expected to pick up a television purchased in his name


by Deborah Harter Williams

A Ferrari 308GTS revs past scenes of ocean and tropical forest, a Detroit Tigers baseball cap, Hawaiian shirts, Higgins and “the lads”. T.C. pilots the chopper, Rick serves drinks at the King Kamehameha Club, the luxury of Robin’s Nest. For eight years, Thomas Magnum was on the case.


by Marilyn Meredith

Marilyn Meredith interviews Victoria Heckman, Sisters in Crime-Central Coast Chapter President, Author of the K.O.’d in…Hawaii Mystery Series, & the Ancient Hawaii Mystery Series. She also reviews one of her latest mystery novels, Kapu Sacred. Details on how to win copy of this book at the end of this article!


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