How to Decorate Your Home for a Calmer Vibe

by staff

If you lead a busy lifestyle, you might find it hard to relax when you're home. Even if you have a room set aside as your own personal sanctuary, the colors and items around you can influence the atmosphere of the space. To help keep your home filled with a calmer and more peaceful vibe, there are several simple ways to transform the look and feel of any room. Here are a few ways to help make your home into a sanctuary.

Wall Arts For the Hallway

by Staff

Your hallway is arguably the most important room in your home. It's the first room that people will see and it's your chance to make a good first impression! The hallway isn't just a functional space, it's a room with its personality. Who said that hallways have to be utilitarian and purely functional? Just because a hallway is a space that you tend to pass through doesn't mean that it can't be an inviting space with character and warmth.

How to Bring the Outdoor Aesthetic Inside Your Home

by staff

We've all spent a lot of time in our homes recently, and we are all missing the way it felt to be outside in the sun. You might be wondering if going outside is an option again, how you can bring the beauty of nature into your home? Well, you can do exactly that with just a few simple steps. If you are ready to change up some decorations in your home, you can have the outdoors inside in less than a day.

Christmas Kitchen Crafts

by Diana Bulls

December is here, the air is frosty and Christmas is just around the corner. What a great time to gather the kids (or the grandkids) in the kitchen for some family crafting. Here are some fairly simple ideas for a variety of tree ornaments straight from your pantry and the grocery store.

3 Ways To Set Up The Perfect Family Room

by Jane Brown

How do you set up the perfect living room for your family?
The living room is the place your family can relax, kick back, and enjoy leisure time together. It’s the place to unwind after a hectic day at work. It’s the place to enjoy the weekend. And it’s the place to entertain guests. When your family is celebrating a special occasion, a holiday, or a big family gathering, the living room is the place where everyone gravitates.