How to Bring the Outdoor Aesthetic Inside Your Home

Jul 28, 2021 | 2021 Articles, Community

by staff

We’ve all spent a lot of time in our homes recently, and we are all missing the way it felt to be outside in the sun. You might be wondering if going outside is an option again, how you can bring the beauty of nature into your home? Well, you can do exactly that with just a few simple steps. If you are ready to change up some decorations in your home, you can have the outdoors inside in less than a day.

Install the right doors

This isn’t something that people really expect to see when they want to bring the beauty of the outside into their homes, but it is a necessary step depending on how deeply you want to make this aesthetic work in your home. Whether you want a simple glass door or a barn door with sliding barn door hardware, you might need to change up how the doors in your home look. This is especially true if there are doors to your home that you can’t see out of. Having a see-through or sliding back door will let the beauty of nature sink in a little bit more.

Hang up pictures of landscapes and plants

Now that you have an appropriately styled door to introduce you to the outside when you are in your home, it is time to change out the pictures that you have hanging around your home. If you have family photos, these can obviously be kept where they are. But anything that brings in city life, or large crowds, needs to be removed and replaced with something more natural and mind-friendly.

You want to find cute pictures of plants, paintings of beautiful landscape scenery, and things that just bring in a lot of natural color into your home. Don’t overwhelm yourself with too many colors, but definitely keep the natural beauties in the center of the picture. Things like the sun, flowers, the sky when the sun is setting, all of these and similar things should be the main focus of the art that you have hanging around so that you can put yourself into that painting at the end or beginning of every day.

Bring in cute animal figurines

If you want to have something a bit more physical in your home, you can always buy sets of small animals. These can be farm animals, domestic animals, or wild animals. I promise you, when you see these little pets sitting around your home, in your office, on your shelves, or at the dinner table, you will feel more at peace. It might seem odd at first, but you will quickly grow attached to these figures. If you have kids, I recommend putting these figurines on a tall shelf so that they don’t get broken within the first week of owning them.

Get an artificial plant

If you don’t have the time to take care of a real plant, but you are sure that your home won’t be fully embracing the beauty of nature without one, you can get an artificial plant. They come in all shapes and sizes. If you prefer small succulent plants that come in cute pots, you can get those from almost anywhere. And if you want bigger fake plants with long and large leaves, you can get these at most home decorating stores in your area.

Have a tan or green rug

If you want to tie everything together nicely, a tan or green rug will bring out even more natural colors in your home while bringing everything else together at the end of the day. This is optional of course, and most people tend to leave it out because it is an extra bit of money they weren’t planning on spending. But if you have toddlers and you are looking to buy a rug anyway, then you should consider a natural color like tan or green so that it matches the rest of the aesthetic that you are putting together in your home.

Don’t be afraid to splash a little color into your life

Finally, don’t be afraid to splash the natural colors wherever you see fit in your home. This is your safe space and you are allowed to decorate it in any way that you want to. If you like it, then you are doing it right. If someone doesn’t like it, tell them that they don’t have to because it isn’t their house that you are decorating.

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