3 Ways To Set Up The Perfect Family Room

Sep 25, 2015 | 2015 Articles, Community

by Jane Brown

How do you set up the perfect living room for your family?

The living room is the place your family can relax, kick back, and enjoy leisure time together. It’s the place to unwind after a hectic day at work. It’s the place to enjoy the weekend. And it’s the place to entertain guests. When your family is celebrating a special occasion, a holiday, or a big family gathering, the living room is the place where everyone gravitates.

What’s more, how you design your living room will set the theme for the rest of your house. If your living room reflects a modern design, then the rest of the house will also have a modernistic look. If your living room reflects contemporary style, the rest of the house will be furnished in the same way.fireplace

When it comes to matching up your living room with the rest of your house, Homedesignlover.com suggests the following approach: “You can match your living room to the rest of the home’s room by observing coordination. You can do that by following a specific color scheme. But if choose to use a different color in your room, you can still have coordination by putting certain decorations or accessories that you have used in the other parts of the house. This will create a sense of balance in your house and it will look more organized.”

A Brief Questionnaire to help:

When you are planning to do a living-room makeover, here are some questions to ask yourself:
1. What does my family like to do here? For instance, your family may love sports or it may love art. Build your theme around what your family loves to do.
2. What look-and-feel would make my family feel most comfortable? There is no point forcing your family to adopt a style alien to their interests. They will simply feel less inclined to use the living room. If your family, for instance, is really into the latest gadgetry, with the latest smartphone, tablets, or laptops, then they will feel out of place in a more classic design. Alternatively, if your family enjoys things that make them feel nostalgic, trying to drag them into the 21st century with ultra-modern décor will not work well.
3. What will be the main use of the living room? Is it going to be a cozy place for your family to unwind? Is it going to be a place where sports fans meet to watch the latest game and enjoy rambunctious discussions. Is it going to be a place for big family gatherings, where all your relatives can feel right at home?
3 Decor Styles

While you do have a variety of choices when it comes to how to set up your living room, let’s run through 3 possible scenarios. Even if they don’t appeal to you, they will give you an idea of how you should consider setting up your chosen theme.living room

1. How to set up a living room for a sports family

If your family loves sports, then the central focus of your room should be entertainment, with comfortable sofa chairs arranged to make it easy to watch the big game from anywhere in the room. Besides a good entertainment center with a big screen TV, perhaps a flat panel TV, you will want to get hooked up with the right broadcast systems. If your family likes to watch every live game every Sunday, then a subscription to www.direct-ticket.net will work perfectly. You will also want to have plenty of tables to lay out snacks and beverages, with a main table and a small table next to each sofa chair. For décor, use sports memorabilia of your favorite teams. For colors, bold, bright colors from red to orange to blue to green would work very well.

2. How to set up a living room for a contemporary look

Here is a brief list of 10 things you should consider when creating a contemporary look:

Decorative accents
Wall décor
Pillows and throws
Window treatment

fireplaceThrough artful combinations, you can soften the look of the room to create a feeling of maximum comfort. You need a couple of rugs, couches and sofa chairs that you can sink into, faux fur lampshades, floor pillows, ottomans, and so on. The room should have warm, autumn colors, soft fabrics, and tasteful luxury.

3. How to set up a living room for a modern look

For a modern look, choose a great paint color, have a lot of open space, and select the right furniture. For the right furniture, choose a modern design (no oversized stuffed chair, for example). Also, arrange it to suit the available space. When it comes to the modern look, less is more. In addition, observe good traffic, use dramatic lighting, and balance out various shapes. If the house is being built or renovated, consider a huge window. Other things you can do include a bold accent wall, decorating your fireplace mantel, adding modern paintings, adding a creative centerpiece, and concealing your television (you could hang it on the wall to blend in or put it in a cabinet with doors.

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