Fill Your Space With These Modern Wall Decor Ideas from Florida Art Galleries

Jun 1, 2019 | 2019 Articles, Community

by staff

If you are trying to refurbish and accessorize a home, especially small home, it can, for the most part, feel like your choices or course of actions are finite and restricted. And although there is not much that you can do to make more space, there are many ways that you can do to make your small home feel superbly put together.

To do that, you need to take advantage or make the best use of the vast open spaces you have in your home. And that is your walls. These walls are, believe it or not, packed with possibilities and one or two additions can make your home feel stylish and cozy, rather than cramped and stark.

Whatever your style, there are a few tricks that can amplify your walls and bring out your taste and personality. Whether you are a book lover, a nature enthusiast, or an art collector, your walls can be decorated so that you can be all around by the things you like. For a little help, here are some decor accents that can have a significant impact on your home. Read on!

Create A Gallery Wall

If you are an art lover or like going to art galleries such as Macfine Art Gallery, then there’s nothing better than creating a gallery wall in your own home. It adds color and personality in your entire house. You can opt to display photographs, a collection of art, or hang some paintings, and other collectible memorabilia. You can also go for cohesive, simple frames or show a variety of art decors to mix things up.paid post

Opt for A Large-Scale Art

A large-scale art or an oversize photograph or painting is yet another excellent idea to fill your space. It will, for the most part, set the tone in your living space and command attention. You can go for a black and white photograph in a minimalist home or bring more color with a dynamic abstract piece.

Display Fabric
A wall hanging or tapestry can add pattern and color, and a sense of subtle and softness to a living space as well. Think about framing or mounting vintage pretty textiles, fabrics, or scarves. Hanging a tapestry on your wall is much more comfortable and straightforward than hanging painting and photographs, especially when you move into your new home. It is a practical choice if you want to have less hassle and trouble decorating your walls.

Mount Mirrors
Another great idea to fill your space and make your home look and feel much more significant is to hang mirrors. Keep in mind that mirrors cast backlight, aiding a small-space home to feel brighter and more prominent. Consider attaching a large mirror, or put a few smaller pieces, like a salon-style.

Paint a Mural
Aside from the ideas mentioned above, you can also opt to paint a mural on your walls. By doing so, you can make your walls transport or bring you to other places. Whether you choose a wall covering or hand-paint it, the design and pattern will, without a doubt, make a significant impact.

Opt for Shelves
If by chance, you have run out or not enough floor space for you to place your bookshelves, then you can take or bring your collection to the wall. Rather than installing a separate bookshelf, you can install floating shelves and put your memorabilia, small sculptures, hardcovers, and other tokens.

Mount Plates
Here is another excellent idea to decorate your open space or bare wall. Hang plates. Do not hide those beautiful plates from China. Do not let them sit on your cabinet for display. You can show them off by hanging them on your walls. Make sure to use wire plate hangers to affix your favorite serving platters and dishes safely.

Add Sconces
Opt for a striking and astonishing sculptural sconce that acts as a wall sculpture while adding style and light. Take note that sconces bring in an additional source of light in any space without consuming or occupying too much floor space or space on a side table.

Whether you have recently moved to your new living space or want to upgrade the look of your current home and want to decorate those blank walls, worry not! There are many ways that you can do to uplift the look of your home and make it seem more significant than ever. You can either create a gallery wall, place a large-scale art, display fabric, mount mirrors, paint a mural, install shelves, hang plates, add sculptural sconces, and many more.

Well, these are some of the ideas that you can take into consideration. Keep in mind that the possibilities and options are endless. Therefore, you can do whatever you want to decorate your bare walls. Make sure it suits your style and preferences.

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