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Rogue Festival Reviews 2020!


FROM THE 2020 Articles,
andRebecca Potts,
andRogue Festival

by Rebecca Potts,
Mallory Moad & Terrance McArthur

The Rogue Festival is here! You can find all of our Rogue Festival articles, and our upcoming show reviews in our Rogue Festival section! We will be posting reviews throughout the festival.


by Mallory Moad

For women “of a certain age” who are interested in a dance performance experience, it can be difficult to find a school or group that’s the right fit. Classes marketed as being “for seniors” give the impression that if you’re over 50 you’re as breakable as glass, while some performance groups have a creepy, patronizing approach that can be downright insulting: “Look at them go! And to think they’re all over 60 years of age, wow!” Yeah, right.


by KRL Staff

Throughout the week we will be posting reviews here of Rogue shows! Check back several times a day! And then go out and enjoy the Rogue Festival! To check out our Rogue muse article & some Rogue performer preview articles go to our Arts & Entertainment section. Check out our Rogue show reviews that will be going up all week!


by Alexandra Tiscareno

Nothing is Beautiful; Everything is Fine was born around this time last year. I was struggling to survive through my everyday life and found myself constantly thinking about how I could open up to people about what I was feeling. The thought of vulnerability and vocalizing what my brain was telling me was absolutely terrifying.


Fresno Swing Dance


FROM THE 2017 Articles,
andMallory Moad,

by Mallory Moad

They say, “It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing,” and Chris Pluhar would agree. He’s one of the founders of Fresno Swing Dance, a casual, but close-knit, group of people who are committed to creating a community centered around swing dancing. Chris says, “Our goal is to get Fresno County dancing!” There are no membership dues and no auditions.

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by Joshua Ryan Taylor

Every two years, over one hundred dancers join forces to present an original, full-length, professional-caliber ballet just for the Central Valley. Since 1975, the Garden Ballet has carved out its own space in the Valley’s arts scene, creating a brand-new, unique experience with each outing. Previous Garden Ballets have included The Little Mermaid, Wizard of Oz, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and The Lion, the Witch, & the Wardrobe. This year, California Arts Academy presents Beauty & the Beast.


by Joshua Ryan Taylor

How often does the Central Valley get to see a full-length, professional quality ballet? You can probably count on one hand the ones in recent memory. Unlike theatre and music, both of which have robust and vibrant communities with ubiquitous live performances, dance is somewhat rarer in the Valley. This is why California Arts Academy is so important.


Rogue Reviews 2016


FROM THE 2016 Articles,
andArts & Entertainment,
andLorie Lewis Ham,
andMallory Moad

by Terrance Mc Arthur,
Lorie Lewis Ham,
& Mallory Moad

Throughout the week we will be posting reviews here of Rogue shows! Check back daily! And then go out and enjoy the Rogue Festival! So far we have reviews of Barnacle: A Salty Love Story, The Jekyll and Hyde of Teaching, Unsolved Mysteries , Daring Divas, Mysterium, Art: Why Do We Bother?, Apocalypse Songs, SHEnatra!, NOCO’s Life of a Houseplant, Is Your Therapist Near A Bakery?, Juggle This! , Echoes of White Thunder, Bullshit Is My Native Language, Damn Fine Magic, Les Kurkendaal—Terror on the High Seas, Red Hot Mama, a Sophie Tucker Cabaret, Boomshakalaka, Play It Like Virgil, and Black Wool Jacket.


Seattle to Fresno Fringe Festival

IN THE August 19 ISSUE

FROM THE 2015 Articles,
andJoshua Ryan Taylor,

by Joshua Taylor

The Rogue Festival, one of the Central Valley’s most important and fascinating cultural events, happens early each year. But for those craving another fix of the fringe festival circuit without wanting to wait until February, here is your chance.


by Joshua Taylor

They have been called “Fresno’s leading contemporary dance company” [Donald Munro, Fresno Bee] and “a beautiful, insightful group with an incredible talent for pushing beyond the norm.” [Broderic Beard, Associate Producer of Woodward Shakespeare Festival] Since 2010 they have been entrancing audiences with their unique blend of aerial and modern dance, and hot off the heels of their hugely successful Rogue show Acts of Affordable Care, the FresNO Dance COllective (often abbreviated to NOCO) has huge plans to continue rocketing through the central valley and beyond, helping expand the culture of dance through performance, education, and outreach.


by Cynthia Chow

Swan Dive wastes no time diving into murder with a text alerting Elli Lisbon that the Sugar Plum Fairy is dead. Elli is director of the Sea Pine Island Community Theatre’s production of The Nutcracker, sponsored by the Ballantyne Foundation, and Elli has become accustomed to handling the often overwrought and exaggerated “emergency” texts from the artistic director.


by Heather Parish

Have you watched beautiful costume dramas like Sense and Sensibility and Pride and Prejudice and wondered what it would be like to go to a dance back then? Well, there is a terrific opportunity to do just that at Mrs. Parks’ Regency Rout on Saturday, August 2. The event is hosted by Period Entertainments and Recreational Costuming, Fresno.

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by Rogue Performers

Here are our final three Rogue Performer Preview Articles-The Honeymoon Period is Officially Over with Gemma Wilcox, State Your Name For The Record with Amelia Ryan, & Jeremy Julian Greco’s With Held. Watch for Rogue show reviews & video interviews starting this weekend and go see Rogue!


by Rogue Performers

Here are three more Rogue Performer Preview Articles-Can Death Be Staid by a Catchy Chorus, Hearing Love, Inspiration Found, & Witchdoctor.


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