ARF: Animal Rescuers

by Wendy Hunter

Wow, am I tired. I’m as tired as a marathon runner in the Tokyo Olympics. I’m as tired as a lumberjack in a log rolling contest. It’s been Termite Central at our place recently, as we had our casa tented for the little buggers. Trust me when I say I wouldn’t wish that exhausting experience on my worst enemy. If you’ve had the circus visit your house, then you know what I mean. The drudgery of double-bagging every freaking thing in your refrigerator and freezer, spices, baking goods, and open food containers lurking on top shelves. You don’t know how much expired stuff you have, until you come across three different cinnamon bottles from 2014. And don’t get me started on the frostbitten pork chops from my high school days.

Valley Animal Center: Terrific Tulip

by Casey Nagle

Terrific Tulip is a tan and white, eight-year-old Chihuahua who has been in our care since September 2018. Tulip was abandoned at Valley Animal Center. After her initial adoption, Tulip had a reaction to her vaccines which rendered her temporarily immobile; she is now unable to receive any additional vaccines. When she returned to the center, Tulip made a full recovery and is now ready for her forever home.

We’ll Make You An Offer You Can’t Refuse

by Lee Juslin

The Family, as the volunteers at Colonel Potter Rescue call them, were found on the street. Mom and five newly born babies were in rough shape. A well-meaning person found them and took them home. Unfortunately, a young child in the family tried to handle the babies, but the mom, doing what moms do, defended her little ones. The family was taken to the shelter the next day.

Animal Rescue of Fresno: Duchess & a Happy Reunion

by Wendy Hunter

People will do just about anything for their pets. You know what I’m talking about: You dress your dogs, coddle your cats, baby your birds, and pamper your ponies. You feed them filet, serve them salmon, shell their seeds, and core their crab apples. They snooze on your sofa, nap on your lap, squat on your shoulder, and nuzzle your neck. They’re spoiled rotten, and you know it. But the world’s a scary place. Would you rescue Fido from a flood? For sure. Would you scale a spruce to save Simba? Certainly. Protect Polly the parrot from predators? Positively. Battle bad guys for Black Beauty? You bet.

ARF: Choose a Chihuahua!

by Wendy Hunter

We live in a big world. We like big things. We drive big cars, carry big phones, surf big computers, buy big houses, and watch big TVs while eating big meals. There are trucks in this town with wheels so enormous, that they could flatten my dinky Honda into a shriveled piece of tin foil. My sister’s Samsung cell is almost the size of her head. The Mac in my bedroom could double as a movie screen.

The Silence of the Chihuahuas By Waverly Curtis: Review/Giveaway

by Cyntha Chow

For the past six months, budding private investigator Geri Sullivan has been casting doubt on her sanity by insisting that her adopted rescue Chihuahua Pepe has the ability to talk. Now Geri’s mental stability is being questioned by her frantic assertions that Pepe is not talking to her. Ironically enough, the tiny canine detective has taken a vow of silence out of the fear that Geri’s claims could very realistically get her locked up in an institution. It’s a vow Pepe soon comes to regret—but, as he proudly declares, he is a dog of his word.

Juno, A Little Chihuahua With A Big Heart: An Animal Rescue Adventure

by Deborah Young

Juno, a six-pound Chihuahua and the pack leader of Juno's Place on Facebook, was adopted when she was two months old (and sick with pneumonia!). I nursed her back to health and now the little Chihuahua is a goodwill icon, doing big things with a huge heart and personality. Juno works patiently and tirelessly with children and adults, teaching them kindness and respect toward animals—and, in the process, kindness and respect toward each other as well.