Mell’s Mutts: Lucky Vita

Mar 27, 2021 | 2021 Articles, Animal Rescue Adventures

by Elayne Gonzalez

Elayne Gonzalez is the founder of Mell’s Mutts, an animal rescue in Fresno, CA. They will be sharing their animal rescue stories with us each month.

We would like to tell you a story about a very special, and some will say, very lucky little girl. Vita is only about a year old and weighs maybe seven pounds now. She’s very young and small but oh boy, has she already lived an eventful life.


Our organization was contacted about her living on the streets. She was hanging out with another dog and the two would sleep and hang out on the side of the street, rain or shine. One of our volunteers jumped into action and got to work, but it was not an easy task. We believe Vita had been living on the street most of her short life and appeared to have minimal human interaction. So she would run away when approached, and our volunteer was having a difficult time trying to catch her. Day and night for weeks we would try until finally a neighbor was able to coax her into her yard and WE GOT HER! She was so tiny and scared, but we were determined to make her life better. After she was spayed, vaccinated and all that good stuff, we had someone who wanted to adopt her! Sadly as her new family was opening their car door she jumped out of their arms and was gone! She hadn’t even made it inside her new home and now she was back on the cold streets.

We were devastated but got to looking immediately. We knew it was like trying to find a needle in a haystack because she is so small. And because she still did not fully trust humans, we truly didn’t think she would be caught again. We took to social media and offered a huge reward for our sweet little Vita and hold on to your hat…she was found! She had been hit by a car and thrown a few feet in the air. She laid there in shock, which allowed a good Samaritan to grab her. Thanks to the power of social media we got her back and rushed her into our veterinarian’s office. By some huge miracle she was unscathed! Now, you probably see why we say this girl is lucky.

Vita has since been in a wonderful foster home getting lots of one-on-one attention and love. She is truly blossoming into a great little girl. She still is initially leery of humans but once you give her a little time she warms up. She absolutely loves other dogs! In fact they really seem to help her feel comfortable, so we are looking for a family that already has dogs. We also need to stress the importance of a secured environment. Her go-to has always been to run and if given the chance she will! So we are looking for a family that has lots of patience and understands that she is a work in progress but we promise she is definitely worth it. She has so much love she just needs to know how to love. In fact, let’s hear from Vita, in her own words.

“Hi everyone! My name is Vita and well, I’m a little shy. I’ve been alone in this world for so long I just assumed humans didn’t like nor want me. I am starting to see that I was wrong. The humans I currently live with are so nice and I don’t have to worry about finding my food in the trash, I’m not hunting for a soft place to sleep and I definitely don’t have to be scared of all the fast cars zooming by anymore. This life is good! I promise if you give me a chance I’ll be a great little dog and will love you forever. All I ask is that you keep me safe and give me a little time to trust. Thanks for reading about my crazy life. I hope we didn’t scare you off. Giggle”.

If you would like more information or if you would like to meet this sweet girl please contact us. You can find us on Facebook and Instagram. You can also find our adoption application on our website, and you can email us at: mellsmutts@yahoo[dot]com.


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