Powering Progress: The Global Movement Toward Sustainable Energy

Jun 22, 2023 | 2023 Articles, Going Green

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Moving from fossil fuel to renewable energy has become one of the trends right across the globe with the rise in the costs of using fossil fuel and the increased risk of these resources becoming unsustainable for future use.

Every country has now started making the shift towards much more sustainable practices and trying to cut out the use of fossil fuels not only to save the little that is left but also to start saving the environment.

The decision to make this shift globally is also referred to as green energy and going green with Utility Bidder can help people learn more about this energy type and how beneficial it can be for everyone as well as the planet.

UK Government Net Zero Plans By 2050
The Government in the UK has set plans in place to have the country pollution free by the year 2050. They have also set out plans to make the UK the lead in green industrialisation to ensure that everyone is on board to reach the 2050 goal.

They plan to do this by upgrading their infrastructure and ports to harness wind energy and also by doing this creates jobs where new construction needs to be built, factories and other supply chains need to be created to help distribute this new clean energy.

Net Zero Commitments
The following are the energy commitments that the government has made as part of their green energy plans and policies to help drive forward their zero carbon emissions by the year 2050.

* Net Zero Transport
The plan in place for a net zero transportation system is to have all cars and other vehicles zero emission cars by the year 2040.

This means having vehicles that use renewable energy to run, or cut down incorporating walking and cycling for shorter distances.

* Net Zero Power
By switching to renewable energy for energy, water and heat suppliers, the carbon’s footprint will be reduced as there will be no pollution or greenhouse emissions released into the air.

* Net Zero Industry
Industries will have to adapt to using renewable energy for manufacturing processes and production, as well as starting to recycle their materials and avoid wastage.

They will also have to start looking into making low-carbon products to stick with the net zero carbon emissions plan.

* Net Zero Sectors
By creating partnerships and sharing different methods of decarbonisation within their industries, sectors will have to educate and share their knowledge so that everyone is able to reduce their carbon footprint.

* Gender Equality in the Energy Sectors
Green energy will allow for equality as everyone is working towards the same goal of saving the environment.

4 Ways For Companies To Move Toward Sustainable Energy
Here are four ways companies can incorporate into their business practices to move toward sustainable energy.

* Reduce their own carbon emissions
To achieve reducing your own carbon emissions, businesses would need to make a note of all their greenhouse gas emissions and decide how you are going to cut the amount of emissions.

* Reduce their value chain emissions
For reducing your value chain emissions, you need to total the emissions that your business is responsible for outside of your business.

Then once you have your total you need to decide on plans to reduce these emissions and inform everyone involved of the new strategies that are going to have to be implemented moving forward.

* Include the climate in their business strategy
When reviewing your business strategies and new policies for a sustainable energy future, you need to incorporate the climate in your strategies at all times.

* Use their green strategies to influence the society and their consumers
Inform your customers of your newer green strategies and policies within your business to show them how your business is moving towards sustainability and how they could possibly make similar changes in their own businesses.

Ways People Can Move Towards Sustainable Energy
Here are the most common ways of implementing sustainable energy into everyday living.

* Start switching to renewable energy and integrating them in traditional practices
Switch to suppliers that provide renewable energy or use renewable energy for your heat, water and electricity purposes.

You can also reduce your own carbon footprint emissions sooner this way.

* Become energy efficient
Swap out old appliances for energy-efficient ones, reduce your energy, heat and water wastage.

* Encourage family and friends to make these changes as well.
Informing other people of alternatives that can help them reduce their carbon footprint also helps for everyone to move towards sustainable energy sooner.

Globally the need for sustainable energy is not something that will go away anytime soon. In order to have a healthy environment and enough resources for our basic needs this is a change that everyone has to adapt to and incorporate into their daily practices.

Start small by recycling, cutting unnecessary wastage and switching to renewable energy to ensure that you are doing your part to help move to a sustainable future.

Invite your visit to do mini challenges such as not using their heating systems and opting for blankets instead or taking a walk for short distances instead of driving.

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