Mallory Moad

Georgio’s Bottega

by Mallory Moad

“That’s just the smell of my cologne!” That’s how Arsen Giorgio Sheklian, proprietor of Georgio’s Bottega, flirtatiously explains the fragrance that tickles your nose as soon as you walk in the door. Arsen is a certified footwear craftsman and certified leather craftsman, Georgio’s Bottega is his shop, and the pleasing olfactory experience comes from the high quality leather with which he works.

Sunnyside Delicatessen: A New Beginning

by Mallory Moad

“This is a hopeful sign.”
Those are the words of Bryce Cannell. He and his wife, Jennifer, were enjoying sandwiches and colorful pasta salads at the grand opening of the Sunnyside Delicatessen. The closure of this iconic southeast Fresno eatery in March, 2020, was the last straw in a long series of pandemic-related shutdowns, uncertainties, and disappointments for this pair of local educators.

Busy Bees Honey Farm

by Mallory Moad

If you are serious about maintaining healthy eating habits, the central San Joaquin Valley is the place for you. Over 360 different crops are grown right here, and we have direct access to just about all of them. Are we lucky, or what? But if not for one small but mighty creature, we wouldn’t have this bounty. I’m talking about bees.

Virtual Rogue Reviews: Reality is Optional/I Sit on My Arse And Play Piano/#FresnoWriters Live/Elizabeth Started All The Trouble

by Mallory Moad

Virtual Rogue Festival has one more weekend to enjoy some great shows virtually! Just like Rogue is different this year, we are posting our reviews differently this year--we won't be posting them all together, though they will still be in groups. Here is our first group of reviews!

Rogue Festival Goes Virtual

by Mallory Moad

Well, here we are, nearing the end of what has been a very disruptive twelve months. We’ve all been faced with changes. Our workplaces, schools and social outlets have been turned inside out and backwards in order to remain functioning during the pandemic. But this year might be remembered as more than one of turmoil and loss. It could also go down in history as that time when the performing arts hijacked Zoom.

Yellow Brick Bakery

by Mallory Moad

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who loved to play “store.” Fascinated with cash registers and display counters (as well as the Wizard of Oz), she dreamed of someday running a retail establishment of her own.

Project 19

by Mallory Moad

The year 2020 will no doubt be remembered as one of the worst ever. It’s been a stressful, divisive time, with Covid-19 in the forefront, putting our resiliency and sanity to the test.

Tom Key’s Whimsical Drawings: Art Can Happen Anywhere

by Mallory Moad

For the past seven months, we’ve been on a seemingly never-ending emotional roller coaster ride and for many, these feelings have become commonplace. We’ve been bombarded from all directions by social unrest, political upheaval, international health crises, natural disasters, and deep personal loss. Our schedules, diets and sleep cycles have been disrupted. In short, the world has been thrown for a loop.



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