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Where Did You Go To School?: Interview with RHS Foreign Exchange Student

IN THE November 6 ISSUE

FROM THE 2010 Articles,
andReedley News,

by Kristalyn Patzkowski

Where did you go to school? I bet you went to a school in Reedley, or at least somewhere in the Valley. You’ve gone to the same school as generations before you and the generations that are yet to come. You’ve probably even had the some of the same friends that you had as a child. Same here! With a few exceptions, I keep socially constricted. Every year I meet a few freshmen, but this year, I also met a couple foreign exchange students. Frederik Pielen is one of those students. He is from Germany, but he is currently attending Reedley High School for his junior year.

German Foreign Exchange Student Frederik Pielen

Having a special interest in Germany, I decided to interview Frederik for Kings River Life. I asked him questions about his school, his friends, and sports.

Kristalyn: Where in Germany were you born?

Frederik: In Cologne, in West Germany.

Kristalyn: That sounds cool! Can you describe what your life is like in Germany?

Frederik: I spend time with my friends and we play sports. We play sports like soccer and squash. There are some clubs, national clubs. And we have better technology.

Kristalyn: How so?

Frederik: Well, I have a German cell phone.

Kristalyn: How is school different here than in Germany?

Frederik: We don’t have school teams for sports. We don’t always have to turn in our homework in to our teachers. And, we don’t have those, um, test sheets with the bubbles (scan trons).

Kristalyn: What do you like about America, or more specifically Reedley?

Frederik: The people here are very welcoming. They’ve all been really kind.

Thanks to Frederik for taking a few moments to talk to me. Being a foreign exchange student must be both scary and exciting! I hope to talk to more students in the future. So, where did you go to school? If it was somewhere other than Reedley, why don’t you share it with us here by posting a comment!

Kristalyn Patzkowski is 16 years old and an ongoing contributor to our Teen Talk section, but prefers writing that is not assigned, especially poetry.

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1 Nicole Ulanday January 31, 2011 at 4:46am

Good day!
I’m from Philippines and i want to apply foreign exchange student in your place.


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