Season of the Witch: Movie Review

Jan 10, 2011 | Books & Tales, Contributors, Lorie Lewis Ham

by Lorie Lewis Ham

While I had some trouble believing Nicolas Cage as a knight, I did enjoy Season of the Witch. The story begins with the Crusades and two knights, Behmen and Felson, (Cage and Ron Perlman) who believe they are serving God, but over time become disillusioned and desert. They are given a chance to redeem themselves in the eyes of the church instead of facing punishment for their desertion, by escorting a young girl who is suspected of being a witch, to a monastery where Behmen is assured she will receive a fair trial. They believe the witch is responsible for the Black Plague that is sweeping the land and that the monks can lift the curse.

The group also includes another knight, a priest, a swindler, and a young man who hopes to become a knight. Along the way, they face many challenges including a pack of crazed wolves, and the young girl tries to get Behmen on her side and convince him to set her free.

This movie took a very dark, scary and surprising turn in the end so I would not recommend this for children or anyone who is easily creeped out. However, it was an interesting story, and Claire Foy did an incredible job as the young witch in her big screen debut. If you like knights, sword fights, witchcraft, demons and action, this movie is for you. My 15-year-old son Joseph loved Season of the Witch and made the comment that he’s just a sucker for anything Medieval.

Season of the Witch is now playing at Dinuba Platinum Theatres 6. Showtimes can be found on their website.

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