Lorie Lewis Ham

Brick & Stone Coffee in Dinuba

by Lorie Lewis Ham

Near the end of last year, Anthony and Evelyn Reyna opened a new coffee shop in downtown Dinuba, CA called Brick & Stone. While coffee is great all year long, as the weather begins to cool off nothing sounds better than a great cup of coffee, so it seemed like the perfect time to learn more about the new kid in town. Recently we chatted with their manager, Mikayla Protzman.

Latest News from KRL/Mysteryrat’s Maze Podcast

by Lorie Lewis Ham

Earlier this year I shared with you some ways that you can help us and I wanted to give you an update on a few exciting things that have happened recently, and once again just share with you how you can help. First off, thanks so much to everyone who has helped, whether it was financial or by helping spread the word--it all means so much! We couldn't do any of this without all of you!

Sorrow’s Song By Keri Arthur: Review/Giveaway

by Lorie Lewis Ham

Sorrow’s Song is the ninth book in Keri Arthur’s Lizzie Grace series. Lizzie is a witch and a psychic who was on the run for thirteen years from her powerful magical family after they blamed her for her sister’s death, and trapped her in an unwanted marriage. However, she is not alone; she has her best friend and familiar Belle. The pair now run a tea and psychic consulting business on a werewolf reservation in Australia.

Reedley’s River City Theatre Company Celebrates 20th Anniversary

by Lorie Lewis Ham

Reedley’s own River City Theatre Company is celebrating its 20th Anniversary Season in 2023 and we took a moment to catch up with the local theatre company that has seen a lot of changes over the last few years. We recently chatted with their general manager, Marquee Laita, to see what they have in store for the community! We also asked board member Ken Stocks to tell us a little about the special Murder Mystery Dinner show coming up next year.

Movieland By Lee Goldberg: Review/Giveaway

by Lorie Lewis Ham

Movieland is book 4 in Lee Goldberg’s Eve Ronin series. I have been a fan of Lee’s writing for many years, but this series is my favorite of his and these books always end up on my “Best Books of the Year” list. Eve is the youngest homicide detective in the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, a position many think that she hasn’t earned since she got the job after a video of her went viral. Because of this, she isn’t very popular among her coworkers (which is putting it mildly in some cases), except for her soon-to-retire partner Duncan Pavone.

Jay’s Specialty Ice Cream

by Lorie Lewis Ham

Nothing sounds better than some great ice cream on a hot Valley summer day! I recently learned about a very special ice cream food truck based out of Fresno called Jay’s Specialty Ice Cream! The owner is a Fresno State graduate named Janel Haas. Recently, we chatted with Janel to learn more about the truck and how it came to be.



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