Tim Mooney

Rogue Performer Previews: Breakneck Romeo & Juliet/Potty Training/Emil Amok

by Tim Mooney, Joey Rinaldi,
& Emil Amok Guillermo

It is almost time for the Rogue Festival again--it will be taking place March 1-9 in the Tower District of Fresno. Here are 3 more Rogue Performer Preview articles and we will be posting 3 more next week before Rogue starts! We will also be posting several show reviews once the festival begins!

Rogue Performer Preview: Creating Man Cave

by Tim Mooney

I’ve been touring with one-man shows pretty much non-stop for eighteen years now. Mostly I do classical material: Shakespeare, Molière, a collection of the Greatest Speeches of all time. But in 2017, something happened which changed my life, and sent me off on a new track that I never anticipated.

Rogue Festival 2016: How I managed to break “Hamlet”

by Tim Mooney

Since 1997, I’ve had this love affair going on with the works of Molière. Starting with Tartuffe, I began writing new English variations of his plays in rhymed iambic pentameter. Re-writing The Miser, The Doctor in Spite of Himself, The Imaginary Invalid, The Misanthrope, and about a dozen others, I seemed to have found my niche in life…writing and, eventually, performing Molière’s plays, often playing the roles that he himself played 350 years ago. It was a short leap from there to creating my first one-man show, Molière than Thou. I’ve been touring Molière than Thou since the Fall of 2002.