Rogue 2016

Rogue Reviews 2016

by Terrance Mc Arthur,
Lorie Lewis Ham,
& Mallory Moad

Throughout the week we will be posting reviews here of Rogue shows! Check back daily! And then go out and enjoy the Rogue Festival! So far we have reviews of Barnacle: A Salty Love Story, The Jekyll and Hyde of Teaching, Unsolved Mysteries , Daring Divas, Mysterium, Art: Why Do We Bother?, Apocalypse Songs, SHEnatra!, NOCO’s Life of a Houseplant, Is Your Therapist Near A Bakery?, Juggle This! , Echoes of White Thunder, Bullshit Is My Native Language, Damn Fine Magic, Les Kurkendaal—Terror on the High Seas, Red Hot Mama, a Sophie Tucker Cabaret, Boomshakalaka, Play It Like Virgil, and Black Wool Jacket.

Rogue Festival Teaser Show

by Terrance Mc Arthur

Yes, folks, it’s time for Fresno’s Rogue Festival, ten days of music, dance, confessional stories, and cheerful insanity…and it’s cheap, too (Show tickets are $5 and $10, plus a $3 festival-funding wristband). Thursday night was the kickoff event, the Rogue Teaser. Thirty solo performers and groups gave two-minute previews to a large and rowdy crowd, like a commercial break on a cable channel, with Blake Jones and Jonathan Hogan as the jovial hosts.

Rogue 2016: Roaring Accordion

by Charlotte Peters

It’s 11:30 a.m. on a Tuesday morning, and I’m sitting at a little diner off Route 263 in the Northern California town of Yreka. I’m taking a break from my massive circumnavigation of North America, a trip which will eventually encompass both coasts and some 10,000 miles of cycling. I’ve already been “in the saddle” for nearly four hours hours today. At dawn I started in Ashland, Oregon, and I’ve got roughly another five before I reach my destination in Mt. Shasta, California. Yesterday I rode from Grant’s Pass, Oregon to Ashland, what I would consider an easy day of 55 miles with only minimal elevation gain.

Rogue 2016: Play It Like Virgil

by Tony Imperatirce

My wife and I got involved with the Rogue Festival back in 2002. At first we were venue owners hosting visual art and live shows. In those first years we saw many interesting shows; a lot of them were personal stories. This inspired me to do my own story Confessions of a Church Organist. My show was well received, and I wrote and performed several more all about different parts of my life. Some were good and some not so good. All of this experience inspired me to break away from my own story and tell the story of someone I greatly admired, Virgil Fox.

Rogue Festival 2016: In the Blue of Evening

by Amelia Van Brunt

“When you die, can I have your fur coats?” My mother was mortified, but it was an honest question I would ask my grandmother frequently, looking up at her with wild, excited eyes during our visits. My grandmother never skipped a beat, “Of course you can. Then you’ll be the most elegant woman in the whole wide world.” Pink-cheeked and missing teeth I’d stretch a wide, messy grin at the thought of how beautiful I’d look someday, just like her.

Rogue Festival 2016: Hey, Hey, LBJ!

by David Kleinberg

In 1966, I was drafted by the U.S. Army and sent to Vietnam as a combat correspondent. Today, almost 50 years after I first arrived in Southeast Asia, I am doing my solo theater work, Hey, Hey, LBJ!, about my experiences in that war – the most divisive foreign conflict in American history. I’ll be performing five shows at Mia Cuppa Caffé during the upcoming Rogue Festival in Fresno.



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