Thrift Story Recycling

by Diana Bulls

So, Lorie, our esteemed editor and publisher, and I were discussing possible subjects for an article relating to Earth Day, April 22. I guess I am about as “green” as most people. I recycle paper, aluminum and plastic. We went solar two years ago. Last summer we replaced our front lawn with pavers, drought-tolerant native plants and bark. But I was drawing a complete blank as far as something to write about. Of course Lorie had an idea ? that’s why she is our editor and publisher ? write something about our local thrift stores. Brilliant!

Two Sisters Vintage Home & Garden Antique Shop

by Lorie Lewis Ham

This being our Earth Day issue it seemed a perfect time to feature another local business that does upcycling, and brings new life to antique and vintage items--the Two Sisters Vintage Home & Garden Antique Shop, which is located in Clovis, right on the Sanger border. We took some time to chat with Janet Mitchell and Suzan Blair who own Two Sisters.

KCUSD Celebrates Earth Day

by Lorie Lewis Ham

Erica Sanchez, an English Language Arts teacher at Orange Cove High School has gotten her students very involved in Earth Day this year. "On Friday, April 10, Annie Shelton—Municipal Coordinator—from Waste Management came to talk to my ninth and tenth grade students about the benefits of recycling," shared Erica. "The students enjoyed her enthusiasm and knowledge. It was also helpful for the students to learn from someone other than me. They get to see why I am always nagging them to recycle their bottles, can, and paper in my own classroom."

New Spins on Old Classics: Designs Featuring Old Books

by Angelo DiGangi

Readers of all ages understand how attached we can become to the books we love. We hang on to them for decades, rereading them over and over again whenever we feel the need to reconnect with old friends or glean inspiration. Even in this day of online reading and tablets that can store tens of thousands of titles, there's just something about a physical hard copy of a book that feels like home.

KRL Celebrates Earth Day With First Ever Earth Day Issue!

by Lorie Lewis Ham

I am very excited to present to you our faithful readers our first ever Earth Day issue! While not every article in this issue is related to Earth Day, a large portion of them are. From the very beginning, KRL has felt that Going Green and all it entails was very important. When we first started putting together the categories for the magazine Going Green was right there from the very beginning, and while some categories have fallen by the wayside and new ones have developed, Going Green has remained.


by Margaret Mendel

The saying “One person’s garbage is another person’s treasure” was never more true than when it comes to upcycling. What is upcycling? It is the process of taking something that would ordinarily be thrown away and making it into something that has equal or greater use.