KCUSD Celebrates Earth Day

Apr 18, 2015 | 2015 Articles, Education, Going Green, Lorie Lewis Ham

by Lorie Lewis Ham

Each year schools within the Kings Canyon Unified School District (KCUSD) do special projects and events to help celebrate Earth Day, which is on April 22.

Erica Sanchez, an English Language Arts teacher at Orange Cove High School has gotten her students very involved in Earth Day this year. “On Friday, April 10, Annie Shelton—Municipal Coordinator—from Waste Management came to talk to my ninth and tenth grade students about the benefits of recycling,” shared Erica. “The students enjoyed her enthusiasm and knowledge. It was also helpful for the students to learn from someone other than me. They get to see why I am always nagging them to recycle their bottles, can, and paper in my own classroom.”


Students Leslie Montes (right) and Danely Sanchez, both grade 9, using the recycling bin in class

Currently in Erica’s classroom, they have a bin for bottles and cans and a container for paper that her students can utilize to recycle. “I take the paper home when the bin is full and throw it in my blue trash can at home.”

Following Annie’s presentation, Erica’s students began working on a research project. Student groups are researching topics including recycling, landfills, overpopulation, air and water pollution, wetlands loss, and water conservation. They will end with a presentation delivered to the class. “My hopes are to increase environmental protection awareness and education on campus,” continued Erica. “Students don’t realize the impact they have on our planet.”


Erica's 9th grade honors period 4 class supporting Danely Sanchez recycling paper in our classroom

School wide, Orange Cove High School is conducting an Earth Day poster contest. The students can cover any topic of their choice to inform their peers of the impacts our choices make. They can promote, inform, create, etc. On April 22, they will announce the winner—first place gets a pizza party with friends, second place gets a Subway gift card, and third place gets a Texas Burger coupon.

We can all make a difference for Earth Day and all year long–even small actions like recycling can make a huge difference! To find out what your child’s school has going on, simply contact the school office.

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