Recycle Old Furniture Pieces Into Garden Accessories

Apr 20, 2013 | 2013 Articles, Going Green

by Aileen Galsim

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What accessories are you using in your garden right now? Are you into Japanese lanterns, topiaries, or any type of indigenous materials? How much did you spend using those accessories? If you’re like me, I’d bet you’ve also spent thousands of dollars at one point just to beautify your garden.

Although nothing’s wrong with that (if your finances allow it), there are other cheaper and more creative ways of decorating your garden to make it look stunningly beautiful.

If you’re the kind of person who’d rather get quality results for free or as affordable as possible, then you’re at the right place! If you want a good looking garden that barely costs anything, keep reading!

What other cheaper and more creative ways am I talking about? Old furniture!

Yep! You read it right! And you’ll be amazed at how your old furniture can add to your garden’s beauty.

If you tap into the old furniture in your house and apply it in your garden, then you won’t have to spend anything at all! And you will also be helping the environment by recycling that old furniture and giving it a new use instead of just tossing it!

I personally was skeptical about it at first but when I saw my friend do this in her garden, I was really impressed with how it looked.

People use chairs, old radios, or even TVs! The ONLY limitation here is your imagination.

As an important note, here are some things to keep in mind when using your old furniture in your garden:

• Sturdiness
Since we are talking about old furniture here, there’s a chance that the furniture isn’t as durable as we’d like it to be. Be especially careful when putting too much weight on it since it might break and cause accidents.

• Color combination and theme
As you may already know, not all of your old furniture can be added in your garden. You have to make sure that your furniture’s color is in sync with your garden.

If you designed your garden to have a vintage look, then using appliances on it won’t look as good. Basically, you have to make sure that everything looks harmonious or in sync.

If you have been using your old furniture in your garden all along, I urge you to share your ideas on the things that you need to consider when using your old furniture in your garden and what worked for you. The more people who share their tips, the more everyone can benefit. You can share your tips in the comments section below or you can add the links to your photos as well.

Aileen Galsim is a lifestyle and business blogger.


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