RHS Asian Persuasion Excursion: Traveling to the Past

by Ronny Schmitz

Living in this homely and secluded town called Reedley gives one the illusion that the world is small and simple. In only ten minutes one can get to the market, the local park, or the one “hectic” street that has enough restaurants to fulfill the needs of every town member. Everything is at arm’s reach. With a single walk around the block, a person can spot the favorite teacher she had as a child, the elderly dog that was once filled with robust energy, and three neighbors that she greets daily.

Exercise and Your Dog

by Sheryl Wall

Many studies show how important being fit is to you and your dog. According to Dog Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook, approximately 20 percent of dogs are obese in the United States. They also state that it causes complications for those with several diseases such as arthritis, heart disease, and diabetes. Exercise also helps avoid a dog’s destructive behaviors such as digging, barking, and chewing that occur because of boredom and it can build confidence, and strengthen the dog and owners bond with each other.

Campus Chat!

by KRL staff

This is a new feature called Campus Chat! KRL reporters will ask questions of students, teachers, administrators, etc on various local campuses and get their thoughts on relevant topics! If you have a question you would like asked, comment below & let us know!

Pet Rescue: Causes, Controversies and People Who Care

by Linda O. Johnston

Pet rescue. We’ve all heard of it. A lot of us engage in it. But what is it, really? And why is it necessary? The simple answer? There are a lot more pets out there than people who want them. Why is that? Many reasons. Sometimes people take on pets they can’t continue to care for because of problems in their own lives. Sometimes the pets develop behavior issues the owners can’t or don’t want to deal with.


by Christopher Lewis

As we approach Presidents' Day in America, we are reminded of the legacy left by important leaders who helped lay important foundations for the nation in which we live.
George Washington was a general who helped lead the colonists to independence and then later served as this nation's first president. He helped lay the foundation for us as a nation.

Mars: The New Home Away From Home

by Zachariah Zendejas

About a week ago I was taking out the trash around 9 o’ clock at night and I happened to look up at the sky. During a winter night in the countryside of Reedley, the stars are so bright and the sky is so dark it’s like a blanket with Christmas lights poking through.

Oh, Rats!

by Sue Owens Wright

According to Chinese astrology, those born under the rat sign are sociable, charming and lively, which brings to mind a most unforgettable and very small companion of mine.
Mentioning that I had a pet rat invariably elicits a response of “eww’ or “ugh” from most people.

‘Tis the Season, Holiday Safety Tips

by Steven Wright

The season of joy, forgiveness, thankfulness and hope is upon us. In a perfect world, we should celebrate the birth of our Lord every day, be ever mindful of his sacrifice and be generous with our giving.

Unfortunately, this is not a perfect world and very often we find ourselves in situations that cause just the opposite to happen. Sometimes no matter what we try to do things just do not go how we hope.



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