Sound Bytes

by Scott Hancock

Scott hit the internet again for Kings River Life Magazine recently and asked some local residents the following question: When voting for a political candidate, should character be a factor, or is political experience alone enough of a measure?

ICarly: TV Show Review

by Jessica Ham

Television is all about sex and scandal these days and the kids’ shows are melting our children’s brains. It’s almost impossible to find a middle ground, but if you look hard enough you just might find one in ICarly on Nickelodeon. ICarly is clean, educational, and entertaining.

My Personal Food Journey: How We Look At Food

by Claire Lang

One of the most important tools I can think of when it comes to changing ones entire nutritional lifestyle is changing how one looks at food. I, like so many others, have always thought of food in the terms of hungry, full, or not hungry. Basically, food was only viewed as something to fill me.

The ABCs of Recycling

by Anne Mohoff

Since I began writing this Going Green column a few months ago, I’ve focused on the need for recycling in our communities. This month I would like to take a different approach and present some ideas from a more ‘green’ perspective. Our Recycling Coordinators at Sunset Waste compiled a list of A to Z green tips which I am sharing with you.

My Personal Food Journey: Corn Syrup

by Claire Lang

Healthy eating. What does that mean anymore? Fat used to be the culprit, then carbohydrates, then calories, now it’s additives. I’m going to go with additives for now. Why? Because it’s the new thing? No; because, as someone who believes in science, it makes the most sense.



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