Mother’s Day

Motherhood, and the Importance of our Intergenerational Friendships

by Laura Jarratt

One of the really important themes that comes out of Without Saying Goodbye is that being a good mother is something we learn. It’s not innate in that we can just rely on instinct to make it all happen for us. There’s a widely quoted African proverb: ‘It takes a village to raise a child.’ In the developed world, we have sometimes lost that sense of the importance of aunties, grandmothers, and older women feeding into our collective knowledge of how to raise our children.

Dolls and Mother’s Day

by Margaret Mendel

In the last couple of years, Mother’s Day brings dolls to my mind. It’s not like I was a little girl with lots of dolls. In fact, I remember only a couple of occasions where dolls were part of my life. But as the years passed, and I transitioned from daughter to mother and now to grandmother, dolls have sweetly slipped into my life. Perhaps it’s the fictionalizing of my past as situations sometimes get fuzzy, and I suppose this is when the mind mixes and matches reality with invention. But for whatever reason, lately dolls have become one of my preoccupations.

Mother’s Bad Day: A Mother’s Day Mystery Short Story

by Alan Cook

When George pulled his beat-up Toyota into his mother’s driveway, there was a shiny new car already parked there he didn’t recognize. Then he saw the “T” logo and realized it must be a Tesla. His twin sister, Georgia, had to be here already. Teslas weren’t big in this town. She must have rented it when she flew in from the East Coast. Could you even rent a Tesla in Nowheresville?