Lev Raphael

Queer Mysteries Coming Attractions: August 2023

by Matt Lubbers-Moore

I was reminiscing with a coworker the other day about the different celebrities I have met over the years. And I promise this is not a name-dropping-ooo-look-at-me-I’m-friends-with-celebrities article. The celebrities I have met were at comic cons and book signings with any interaction lasting less than five minutes. But, it is fun sometimes how much interaction one can get in five minutes or less … My friend James would make an amusing comment about other interesting interactions that take five minutes, but this is a high-brow column in a respectable mystery magazine.

Queer Mystery Coming Attractions: October 2022

by Matt Lubbers-Moore

ReQueered Tales has been super busy in the last few weeks! Work has been done on getting out Ice Blues and Third Man Out both by Richard Strachey, the combo title of Deadly Lies/Stolen Moments by John Preston, Winter Eyes and Buried on a Sunday by Lev Raphael, and A Bard on Hercular, the epic science fiction conclusion to the City on a Star trilogy by Felice Picano!

Queer Mystery Writers Coming Attractions April 2021

by Matt Lubbers-Moore

For a part time job, I work at Argos Books in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It is a used book and comic book store. Today I had a customer come up and ask me if we had Jack Kerouac's On the Road. This is a book we are constantly asked for by young people just discovering literature outside of young adult novels, along with 1984, Animal Farm, A Handmaid’s Tale, Fahrenheit 451, and Slaughterhouse Five. The customer today slaughtered the name Kerouac.

Hearts? Certainly–But Flowers? Not Necessarily For These Mystery Solving Duos

by Sharon Tucker

We can thank the bawdy Geoffrey Chaucer and the not-so-bawdy tradition of courtly love for our modern celebration of Valentine’s Day--when couples become the focus of attention. As for St. Valentine himself, church historians have martyrs named Valens, Valentin, or Valentinin but the favorite attribution is that of a Christian priest, Valentine. In the third century AD, he performed marriages for soldiers, all of whom were forbidden to marry by Rome.