Queer Mystery Coming Attractions: October 2022

Sep 17, 2022 | 2022 Articles, Coming Attractions!, Mysteryrat's Maze

by Matt Lubbers-Moore

ReQueered Tales has been super busy in the last few weeks! Work has been done on getting out Ice Blues and Third Man Out both by Richard Strachey, the combo title of Deadly Lies/Stolen Moments by John Preston, Winter Eyes and Buried on a Sunday by Lev Raphael, and A Bard on Hercular, the epic science fiction conclusion to the City on a Star trilogy by Felice Picano!

It is a thrilling experience working on these out of print titles and never before published stories from older series: the proofing, working with the authors and estates, the new covers, introducing these titles to new and old fans, and hearing the delight from the fans of these authors and books when a new book is published.

The last couple years were difficult for us at ReQueered Tales, but we are back stronger than ever!

On with the Books!

Burning Down the House by Lev Raphael
Out late September, ReQueered Tales
Heading into the Christmas season, SUM is being torn apart by bizarre attempts to make it more diverse while an autocratic new provost pushes for a White Studies program and Nick faces not only a tenure battle but conflicting requests for support in a battle for department chair.
?With his professional life a mix of seasonal chaos and departmental warfare, Nick discovers that he’s not only attracted to the outrageously sexy Juno Dromgoole and disturbed by these disorienting new feelings in his life, but also the target, along with Juno, of a vicious harassment campaign that escalates into stalking, assault, and attempted murder.

A Line in the Dark by Malindo Lo
Out October 4, 2022, Speak; Reprint edition
Jess Wong is Angie Redmond’s best friend, and that’s the most important thing, even if Angie can’t see how Jess truly feels. Being the girl no one quite notices is OK with Jess anyway. If nobody notices her, she’s free to watch everyone else. But when Angie begins to fall for Margot Adams, a girl from the nearby boarding school, Jess can see it coming a mile away. Suddenly her powers of observation are more a curse than a gift. As Angie drags Jess further into Margot’s circle, Jess discovers more than her friend’s growing crush. Secrets and cruelty lie just beneath the carefree surface of this world of wealth and privilege, and when they come out, Jess knows Angie won’t be able to handle the consequences.

The Language of Bodies by Suzanne DeWitt-Hall
Out October 4, 2022, Woodhall Press
Maddie Wells’ life spirals out of control after the murder of her wife Char, a transgender woman of color. Hunger for revenge drives Maddie to take a job at a wax museum near the murderer’s hometown, where she studies revenge and plots how to strike back. Befriending the murderer’s wife is the first stage in Maddie’s plan to make him pay.

The Restless Dark by Erica Waters
Out October 4, 2022, HarperTeen
The Cloudkiss Killer is dead. Now a true-crime podcast is hosting a contest to find his bones. Lucy was almost the serial killer’s final victim. Carolina is a true-crime fan who fears her own rage. Maggie is a psychology student with a little too much to hide. All of them are looking for answers, for a new identity, for a place to bury their secrets. But there are more than bones hiding in the shadows…sometimes the darkness inside is more frightening than anything the dead leave behind.

Frankie and Bug by Gayle Forman
Out October 11, 2022, Aladdin
It’s the summer of 1987, and all ten-year-old Bug wants to do is go to the beach with her older brother and hang out with the locals on the boardwalk. But Danny wants to be with his own friends, and Bug’s mom is too busy, so Bug is stuck with their neighbor Philip’s nephew, Frankie. Bug’s not too excited about hanging out with a kid she’s never met, but they soon find some common ground. And as the summer unfolds, they find themselves learning some important lessons about each other and the world. Like what it means to be your true self and how to be a good ally for others, that family can be the people you’re related to, but also the people you choose to have around you, and that even though life isn’t always fair, we can all do our part to make it more just.

Last Gender, Vol. 1 by Rei Taki
Out October 11, 2022, Vertical Comics
People of different genders, propensities, and sexual orientations gather at a certain chic bar that’s hidden from the public eye. While some come in search of themselves, others step into the establishment looking for sex and love. There are as many sexualities as there are people, and the patrons’ stories intertwine as they struggle to find happiness.

The Answers You Seek by Shannon Yarbrough
Out October 18, 2022, Dreamspinner Press
Toby Kipton’s life is disintegrating. First he loses his job. Then, forced to leave the big city, he must return to his small hometown to bury his father. It only gets stranger and more dangerous from there. Toby becomes obsessed with his father’s mistress, a woman with whom his dad carried on a secret twenty-year affair. Unraveling the truth leads him deep into the nest of intrigue and vengeful gossip that plagues any small town, and soon Toby uncovers evidence that may tie his father to a local swingers’ club—and murder.

Butchery and Bindings by ACF Bookens
Out October 18, 2022
Poe Baxter has always wanted to go to Cape Town, and when she hears that a rare book by a famous South African novelist has come on the market, she takes the opportunity to fly to the city. But as soon as she and her best friend Beattie begin researching the whereabouts of this supposed literary treasure, they come upon another mystery that takes their attention and puts them in peril.

Lavender House by Lev AC Rosen
Out October 18, 2022, Forge Books
Lavender House, 1952: the family seat of recently deceased matriarch Irene Lamontaine, head of the famous Lamontaine soap empire. Irene’s recipes for her signature scents are a well guarded secret, but it’s not the only one behind these gates. This estate offers a unique freedom, where none of the residents or staff hide who they are. But to keep their secret, they’ve needed to keep others out. And now they’re worried they’re keeping a murderer in. Irene’s widow hires Evander Mills to uncover the truth behind her mysterious death. Andy, recently fired from the San Francisco police after being caught in a raid on a gay bar, is happy to accept?his calendar is wide open. And his secret is the kind of secret the Lamontaines understand.

Subway Slayings by CS Poe
Out October 28, 2022, Emporium Press
Detective Everett Larkin of New York City’s Cold Case Squad has been on medical leave since catching the serial killer responsible for the Death Mask Murders. But Larkin hasn’t forgotten the anonymously delivered letter, nor its suggestion, that another memento—another death—is waiting to be found. Summer brings the grisly discovery of skeletal remains deep in the subway system, but the circumstances resemble one of Larkin’s already open cases, so the elite detective resumes active duty. When a postmortem photograph, akin to those taken during the Victorian Era, is located at the scene, Larkin requests aid from the most qualified man he knows: Detective Ira Doyle of the Forensic Artists Unit.

The Grocers’ Son by Garrick Jones
Out late September 2022, Moshpit Publishing
An apparition in Sydney’s fruit and vegetable market leaves the mother of one of Clyde’s best friends believing that her brother, hanged for murder twenty-four years beforehand, has somehow risen from the grave and confronted her. She is adamant that the visitation was real and visits Clyde asking him to investigate the mass murder her brother was supposed to have committed. She believes he was either set up or was covering for someone else’s crime. Could this vision have been a folie à deux, a delusional vision shared by both mother or son? As Clyde investigates, clues lead him to one of Australia’s most famous silent screen actors, a man who, together with his murdered father, becomes intrinsically linked to the mass murder, known as The Killing at Candal Creek. Wheels within wheels, lies, extortion, and coverups lead Clyde to a bloody confrontation on a deserted beach in the tropics. This time, it’s not only his own life at risk but also that of one of his most valued and closest friends.

Notables Mentions:
Resurrection Men by Steven Harper, Out October 1, 2022
Bad Bishop: A Perfect Play by Layla Reyne, Out October 4, 2022
Pure Silence by K. L. Hiers, Out October 6, 2022
Eleftheria by Rob Loveless, Out October 8, 2022
The Tower by Cari Z, Out October 11, 2022
Barista Blood by James Elliott Rose, Out October 18, 2022
Canis: Dear Hatter, Vol. 2 by ZAKK, Out October 18, 2022
Happy of the End, Vol 1. By Ogeretsu Tanaka, Out October 18, 2022
Dearly and Deviant Daniel by L. A. Kaye, Out October 19, 2022
The (Pet) Detective Agency by Noji, Out October 25, 2022
Ghost Town by Kevin Chen, Out October 25, 2022
The Dog in the Alley by KM Avery, Out October 27, 2022
Someone to Come Home To by Robert Lewis, Out October 28, 2022

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Matt Lubbers-Moore has two graduate degrees in library science and history. He is the co-owner of ReQueered Tales and author of Murder and Mayhem: An Annotated Bibliography of Gay and Queer Males in Mystery; 1909-2018

Disclosure: This post contains links to an affiliate program, for which we receive a few cents if you make purchases. KRL also receives free copies of most of the books that it reviews, that are provided in exchange for an honest review of the book.


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