Rogue Festival Reviews: Other People’s Showers/We’re Doomed/Anatomica/This Music is Making Me Thirsty/Worst. Rock and Roll. Name. Ever

by Mallory Moad

Dorian Follansbee’s Rogue show, Other People’s Showers, begins just there – in a shower. Speaking from behind a shower curtain over the sound of running water, Dorian offers musings on showers in a lengthy, charming monologue. But when she emerges, in her fuzzy bathrobe and hair in ponytails, the atmosphere changes.

Rogue Festival Reviews: Every Good Story Ends With One/Benjamin’s Passion/Bully Love

by Lorie Lewis Ham

I am not exaggerating when I say that I would pay to watch Martin Dockery read a phone book—he is just that good! (for those who don’t know what a phone book is, it was a book where you could find people’s names and phone numbers back before the internet) When I saw he was going to be at this year’s Rogue Festival I knew I had to be there. During the pandemic, Martin performed many stories on YouTube and I caught as many of them as I could—now I was finally going to be able to see him again in person.

Rogue Festival Reviews: Jerk-Off Our Egos & My First Miracle

by Lorie Lewis Ham

Here are reviews of the two shows that I saw during the first weekend of Rogue Festival 2022! Over the next 2 or 3 days there will be several more reviews to come from Mallory Moad and Terrance McArthur. Be sure to head out to weekend two of this year's Festival starting on Thursday! You will be able to find all of our Rogue Festival Reviews in our Rogue Festival Section here on KRL!

Doing Da Rogue: A Guide To The Rogue Festival Through Its Vocabulary

by Heather Parish

What's that? You say you've never been to the Rogue Festival in Fresno before? Hmmmm. . . I think it is about time you did. Don't let a little thing like the unfamiliar keep you from the adventure in art that is "Da Rogue". But, like any other cultural event that has evolved (this is its 10th year), it has its own quirks, etiquette and, of course, buzzwords.

Fringe: TV Review

by Jesus Ibarra

In the summer of 2009, Fox began airing strange and cryptic promos for a little show called Fringe. At the time, I had just finished watching all the seasons of The X-Files and saw these promos as something that would try to rip off the greatness that was The X-Files. The thing that gave me the urge to watch the show was that it was created by Lost, Alias, and Cloverfield mastermind J.J. Abrams.