Christmas Concerts at Immanuel Schools

by Breanna Wood

Immanuel Schools has a long-standing tradition of performing the “All Is Well” Choir Concert during the holiday season, featuring all choir members grades 7-12. The name “All Is Well” was given to this performance in honor of the song, “All is Well,” that is sung every year to wrap up the performance, and welcome you into a holiday season centered on Christ.

Immanuel School’s Choral Music Department

by Kami Hinds

Immanuel School's Choral Music Department is a great program in which to be involved. The choir program, directed by Mr. Rick Robbins, has proved to be highly successful throughout the years. There are five choirs at Immanuel. There is a Junior High choir, a Men's choir, a Women's choir, a Concert choir, and the international award winning Chamber Singers. A student has the opportunity to sing with several of these choirs during their Immanuel experience.

Choir at Reedley High School

by Andraya Hamilton

Reedley High School offers four choir classes-Beginning Men's Choir, Beginning Women's Choir, Concert Choir, and Madrigals, all taught by Mr. Randy Lepp. Concert Choir is made up of fifty young men and women and Madrigals is a group of the top performing choir students. This year's group is made up of about eighteen students, all of whom are remarkable in their talents.

Randy Lepp-Sharing the Joy of Choir Music For 19 years

by Lorie Lewis Ham

In Kings River Life Magazine we like to take the opportunity to profile local teachers now and then because they truly make a difference in all of our lives and seldom get any recognition. Randy Lepp is one of those teachers who has touched the lives of so many through the years, not only as a choir teacher at Reedley High School, but also a tennis coach and at times a worship leader at Redeemer’s Church.

Kevin Memley: A Man Of Many Musical Hats

by James Garcia Jr.

In the six years that my family and I have been attending Kingsburg Community Church, we have had a few different Worship Leaders. All have been very good, but little did I know how special our current leader was. He wears many different hats: Music Teacher, Choral Director, Composer, Musician, Recording Engineer and Producer to name but a few.

My Years in Reedley High School Choir

by Jessica Ham

Music, laughter, joy, and friendship: that’s what choir is. Choir, to me, is the most fun a person can have in their 4 years of high school. You learn fun music with your friends. You make fun of Choir teacher Randy Lepp. You dance at the end of the year for the final concert. You go on trips to far away places. You meet new people. In choir you get to experience things you never would be able to otherwise.