The Blab With DJ Reimer: Spring RHS Happenings

Apr 20, 2013 | 2013 Articles, DJ Reimer, Education, Teens

by D.J. Reimer

If I thought January, February, and March were bad, April is even crazier! As of now, West Side Story is over, Yearbook is over, and I have more free time after school. You would think that I would have all the time in the world right? WRONG!

Despite having minimal involvement in our school’s talent show (Air Guitar) this year, it is a very busy time. Madrigals performing “Some Nights” took time to learn choreography and eight part harmonies. A weekend later (last weekend) our Concert Choir performed in San Luis Obispo. Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Why are you complaining about stress when you’re spending time at the beach.” I have no comeback to that but I will let you know when I think of one!

DJ Reimer

If you’re reading this on the weekend, I am in Hollywood! Due to the expensiveness of most festivals, our Madrigals decided to take a road trip to SoCal in lieu of a festival this year. We will be hitting up Hollywood Boulevard, Sunset Boulevard, Santa Monica, and ending all festivities with a recording in a studio and day at Disneyland! I am beyond excited for my last Madrigals trip!

Finally, the crown jewel to any senior year: Prom. April 27, the Senior Class of 2013 proudly presents: Lucky 13! A Vegas themed prom, this year’s location will be at the exquisite Grand Hotel in Fresno. Among endless dancing, this prom will include a “slushy bar,” card tables, and chaperones resembling various figures in Vegas (i.e. Elvis, not hookers). Tickets are on sale now at $55. Next week, they will be $60 Monday and Tuesday only. Then they are GONE! Spread the word regarding prom, even if you are in no way affiliated with the high school!

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Editor’s Note: KRL did attend Air Guitar at RHS and there were quite the variety of acts and a lot of talent! We are happy to report that one of our own, Joseph Ham, won first place with a Frank Sinatra song!

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D.J. Reimer has lived all of his life in Reedley and is a senior at Reedley High School where he serves as President of the Associated Study Body & Editor in Chief of the Yearbook. He is also very active in student clubs, choir, and drama at Reedley High School. After graduating, he intends to pursue either international business or political science and improve the world in which he lives.


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