Cathi Stoler

KRL Staff Favorite Books of 2023

by Cynthia Chow, Terrance McArthur,
& Sandra Murphy

It’s that time of year again, a time to look back at the books we reviewed here at KRL over the past year and share with you some of our favorites! We reviewed a LOT of books last year. All of our main reviewers share in this post their top 5-10ish favorite books they reviewed in 2023, except for me. To find my list click here and you can also enter to win a $5 Amazon gift card!

Lights! Action! CAMERA! Nick Donahue is on the set.

by Cathi Stoler

When I wrote Nick Of Time, a Nick Donahue Adventure, I created my character as an intelligent, suave, and good-looking guy who works as an International Blackjack player. If it sounds sexy and a little bit risky, it is. Nick, a good guy, often finds himself caught up in circumstances that have more to do with danger than Blackjack — like coming to the aid of a beautiful woman in distress, Marina DiPietro, and getting kidnapped for his trouble, or helping his brother, Alex, a banker at Suissebank, avenge the death of a co-worker, or taking on the New York mob and it’s capo, Tommy B Bonnanniao. As I said, professional gambler, not an action hero. And the settings, Venice, Zurich, and Monte Carlo, make things more exotic and intriguing.

A Perfect Setting For Murder

by Cathi Stoler

Creating the kind of atmosphere that lets readers become totally immersed in a story—the setting—is very important in my writing. For me, setting is the one element that brings the characters, voice, and plot together to create a real sense of place. That’s what I strove for in Last Call: A Murder On The Rocks Mystery.

Magda: Mystery Short Story

by Cathi Stoler

“You don’t get what you don’t ask for,” Marti always said, “but sometimes you get more than you wanted.” It was good advice from a mother who didn’t have much else to give, and I carried it with me as I moved through life. Although, right now, I wish I had understood it better.