Fresno State Basketball Legend Chris Herren

by Steven Sanchez

If you were in Fresno in the mid to late 1990s and you thought of Fresno State Basketball, one name comes to mind: Chris Herren, the basketball prodigy from Fall River, Massachusetts. At the time, he played under legendary coach Jerry Tarkanian, who won the NCAA National Championship in 1990 at UNLV and was commonly referred to as “Tark the Shark.”

Demetrius Porter: Fresno State Alumni Winin’ & Ballin’ in the Valley

by Steven Sanchez

People in the Central Valley are odd when it comes to their perceptions about the Valley. This is an area where the youth beg to leave to experience life whether it be going to college, traveling, finding a career, and the list goes on. They have good reasons to depart, and no one really enjoys the heat much. But yet, at the same time, no matter how long people are a way from the area, people always find a way to come back. Whether to visit or move back. The famous line is true, “There’s no place like home.” And for Demetrius Porter, he would agree.

Girls Basketball This Year At Immanuel High School

by Sadie Ascano

There's a special buzz around Immanuel campus, especially with regard to the basketball teams. With four talented transfers on the girls and seven on the boys, the games are producing a gargantuan amount of school pride. Between both teams beating Kingsburg and the girls leaving Minarets behind by over fifty points, the school is definitely rising up to the occasion, both teams wishing to obtain a Valley title.

This Year’s Immanuel Basketball

by Ryne Preheim

This year's Immanuel Boys Basketball team has acquired new members to their staff and team. Josh Justin (Immanuel Biology teacher) and Nate McClurg are new additions to this year's varsity head coaching staff. The team has also acquired some new players: C.J. Dodd: Point Guard and Chris Baily: Guard, Forward Lance Henderson: Forward, Guard.

Laine Brown, Back In The Fast Lane

by Larry Ham

Saturday, December 18th, 2010 was a pretty normal day for Laine Brown. A week before Christmas in her junior year at Immanuel High School, Laine was playing in a basketball game at the Farmersville tournament. As was always the case, she was hustling up the floor, ready to knock the ball away from an opponent, when the opponent suddenly stopped, and they collided.



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