Craving Metal Or Burgers? Cravings Can Provide Both

by Steven Sanchez

Heavy metal and burgers are two great tastes that taste great together. For Grant Mohler, he’s one lucky individual to make both of those things into a career. Not only is he the vocalist of local heavy metal band, Crushing The Deceiver, but is also the owner/cook of the Clovis restaurant, Cravings. A cook by day, but rock star at night, a very unconventional man Grant is, and his life is best exemplified by his restaurant and music.

Victory Cafe-A New Downtown Fresno Concert Venue For All Ages

by Lorie Lewis Ham

Downtown Fresno is becoming a great place to go for clubs and music. Newer choices like Fulton 55 and older clubs like Kuppajoe All Ages Nightclub, are among some of the most popular, with many more popping up all the time. One of the newest kids on the block is Victory Cafe at Hardy's, another all ages club that had its first show in November of 2012.

Eisley, All Grown Up

by Toni Sandoval

Many can certainly say that growing up has definitely taken a toll on the family shaped band, Eisley. Composed of siblings Chauntelle (guitar), Sherri (vocals/guitar), Stacy (vocals/keyboard), Weston (drums), and cousin Garron (bass), the DuPree family has come far away from not only playing in their home environment of Tyler, Texas to sharing a stage with major bands such as Coldplay and Say Anything, but have also come a long way with the music that they have sung over the past decade.