Eisley, All Grown Up

Aug 6, 2011 | 2011 Articles, Books & Tales, Contributors, Music, Teens

by Toni Sandoval

Many can certainly say that growing up has definitely taken a toll on the family shaped band, Eisley. Composed of siblings Chauntelle (guitar), Sherri (vocals/guitar), Stacy (vocals/keyboard), Weston (drums), and cousin Garron (bass), the DuPree family has come far away from not only playing in their home environment of Tyler, Texas to sharing a stage with major bands such as Coldplay and Say Anything, but have also come a long way with the music that they have sung over the past decade.

Despite the nasty split-up with Warner Bros. Records, Eisley has recently jumped back on their feet after signing with Equal Vision records and further continues to record new albums with this new and encouraging label. Along with overcoming the battle with their old record label, the Eisley leading ladies also underwent a few split ups of their own, but one cannot complain because the heartache was definitely worth it – the album The Valley. The experience further pushed the band to record their latest album with vivid imagery and has shaped its family members into who they are today.

“I walk the night in the valley until everything is fine.”

Their third album, The Valley, released this March, is rhythmic proof of the mature transformation that the Eisley front women have evolved into. The band that once sang about anything that they imagined, such as dragons jumping over hills, toys coming to life at night, and telescope eyes, are now singing about heartbreak, hard times, and getting through it. The Valley, though it has a darker outlook, still maintains its melodic choruses and catchy and creative lyrics.

Eisley recently released their video for “Smarter,” the song that is said to have paved the road through The Valley. Eisley is also currently working on their new EP, to be released later this year, and filming their latest video. They begin their Fall tour early this September.

You learn more about Eisley and their music on their website.

Toni Sandoval is 19 years old and is currently studying at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Los Angeles.


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