Fields of Fresno Ag Tours

by Kathy Eide Casas

Have you noticed the beauty that surrounds us right here in Fresno County? Yes, Fresno! Foothills covered with vivid orange, yellow, and purple wildflowers, ribbons of color on the freeways, blossoms that blanket row after row of orchards, and grape vines meticulously tied as they await the Valley sunshine.

Could food waste be the greatest contributor to your carbon footprint?

by Maria Ramos

We tend to think of agriculture as environmentally neutral; a lot of it grows on trees, after all. But overproduction has a major negative environmental impact, consuming precious resources, such as water and fertilizer, and producing staggering amounts of carbon emissions and poisoned water runoff. Considering these impacts, National Geographic’s report that over a third of all the food produced in the world is lost or wasted is all the more surprising.

Healthy Eating in Fresno

by Tom Sims

You can eat healthy food in the Fresno/Clovis area and it is easier than you think.
If you want to go to the bottom line of healthy eating, get down to earth. I mean real earth, dirt. Compost organic material and cultivate your own soil. Buy good seeds, plant and grow your own organic garden. If you have a yard, you can have a mini-farm. If you have a patio, you can have some plants.

What Is A Packing House?

by Zachariah Zendejas

Whenever someone from out of state comes to the Valley, they always ask what a packing shed (or house) is, and many even check into touring one. Even some natives of the Central Valley are a little sketchy on what a packing house is. Whenever you are driving down a road there always seems to be a truck hauling some fruit somewhere.

Let’s Grow Organic!

by Jim Bulls

As a west Texas farm boy, where five families shared a communal garden to the “Victory” garden at Pantex Ordinance Plant to the backyard garden at our new home in California, I have been around organic produce for a long time. In fact, organic farming has been around since the Revolutionary War and could be considered the primary farming method until World War II. Around that time, farming became a lot more technical and there was an explosion of new chemical products, many based on German patents that resulted in potent insecticides, fungicides, and herbicides used by farmers to control pests and increase yields.

Tulare Farm Show Circa 1910 & Now

by Jim Bulls

Let’s step back into fantasy land, to the hypothetical Farm Show of 1910, when farmers traveled from Bakersfield, Fresno, Coaling Station A, Stone Corral, and Reedley. Back then, just as it is today, there is the threat of rain in the air. That is not going to stop the contingent from Reedley though; they have some of the newest farm and commercial equipment, plus skills, to exhibit.

Ramos Torres Winery, An Extraordinary Find in Kingsburg

by James Garcia Jr.

In an area of Kingsburg where one might not expect to find anything extraordinary, there is a wine tasting room that is exactly that. At 1665 Simpson, on the west side of the street, some award-winning wines can be found, not from Napa or the Central Coast, but from the California Central Valley. Kingsburg High and 2005 Fresno State graduate, Oscar F. Ramos, is producing premium wines at the winery that he founded: Ramos Torres Winery.