Brian Wall

Wilderness Preparedness

by Brian Wall

When is the last time you were consciously thankful for trash bags? Has a trash bag ever given you hope? Has one ever lifted your spirits in a dismal situation? Silly questions, I know, except for the likes of Natalya Manko. Natalya was out for a pleasure hike to Lake Ingalls in Wenatchee National Forest in Washington when, to her misfortune, she hiked too far and completely missed the lake. She quickly became lost as the snow covered the trail, and spent the next three frigid nights alone in the snow. What likely saved her life was a simple large trash bag, which she wrapped herself in at night to keep herself dry.

Alder Creek Campground

by Brian Wall

Camping can take all sorts of forms–from creating a shelter using the supplies available in the forest to parking your RV in a well groomed RV park and busting out the lawn chairs. I recently monitored the progress of British explorer Felicity Aston, who spent 59 days alone crossing Antarctica–the first woman to do this ever in history! That’s 59 days with no human contact, no shower, no bathroom, in -22 degree weather!

Self Sufficiency & Survival: Fish & Vegetables

by Brian Wall

For two years now I’ve invested money in getting an annual fishing permit. What have I gained in return? Lost bait, hooks, weights, and even half a fishing pole, yet not a single fish to show for it. I’m starting to doubt if I can even shoot a fish in a barrel! That’s why, as I’ve been learning about self-sufficiency, I became very interested in an exciting method of growing your own food called aquaponics.

Self Sufficiency & Survival

by Brian Wall

As a kid I always loved it when the power went out. It was exciting! Life was acceptably unpredictable and a tinge out of control. It was fun lighting the candles, peering out the window at the pitch black outside, gathering together as a family and talking or playing cards until PG&E could get things figured out – usually an hour or so later.

Crawdaddy’s, Laissez les Bon Temps Rouler!

by Brian Wall

Ain? You got an ahnvee for some good ol’ jambalaya? Well, don’t boude’! Come depi bon manje at Crawdaddy’s! (If you haven’t figured it out, this is Cajun! Imagine Ray the firefly from Disney’s The Princess and the Frog talking. See the end of this article for translation). Allow me the pleasure of introducing you to a rare find in our Central Valley, Visalia’s own old New Orleans style restaurant: Crawdaddy’s.

Camping At “The Indians”

by Brian Wall

No doubt, the first pioneers to crest the Sierra Nevada rushed our great Valley with ground-kissing vows to never brave those hills again. Aside from a few rebel jaunts in search of Big Foot and that whole gold rush thing that saved California from a budget impasse, surely they were content to stick to the Valley floor.