Agatha Raisin

AcornTV Streaming: Agatha Raisin Trifecta

by Kathleen Costa

AcornTV is one of the quintessential streaming options for British and beyond programming. For a very reasonable fee (monthly $5.99 or annual special $59.99) members get access to a wide variety of current and classic comedies, dramas, mysteries, documentaries, and even foreign language gems. Either through a web browser, like Safari, or their free app, enjoy the best video and audio quality on any device. I enjoy the control with pause, reverse or fast forward, and one special feature, I personally enjoy, is the closed caption button providing the text for the dialogue.

AcornTV Streaming Christmas: Kissing Christmas Goodbye & More

by Kathleen Costa

Set out the tea and mince pies and have yourself a Happy Christmas courtesy of AcornTV! Many new productions are being aired since they have been diligent in following set Covid protocols, so it has been exciting to have favorites and new programs popping up from the new seasons of Vera and Midsomer Murders to brand new treats like The Long Call and Dalgliesh.

Acorn-TV Rocks!

by Kathleen Costa

ACORN-TV continues to provide hundreds of the best programming options including news & reviews, mysteries, dramas, comedies, documentaries, foreign language, feature films and some programs only available on or original to Acorn-TV. The regular monthly or annual subscription fees are very reasonable and with hours of commercial-free streaming enjoyment for the true anglophiles, you won’t be wondering, “What’s on the telly tonight?”

Agatha Raisin, Dr. Tony Hill & Nero Wolfe: Eminently Readable, Whether You Like Them or Not

by Sharon Tucker

Many readers, I among them, cannot seem to carry on reading an otherwise good mystery if they cannot relate to or like the protagonist of the piece. Is this bad news for authors? Perhaps not, although as each reader is a critic with decidedly individual preferences, we all make allowances when intrigued. A character that would be difficult to live with might just have saving graces when it comes to solving crimes and saving the day, and we do tend to appreciate genius in its many forms. We also delight in the process of detection winding its way through a killer plot concluding with some degree of resolution.



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