Endeavour, The Last Season On PBS

by Kathleen Costa

PBS stations, like KVIE (Sacramento/Stockton), KQED (San Francisco), and KVPT (Fresno), provide viewers with a variety of programs including some of the most iconic mysteries and crime dramas. There’s VERA, Death in Paradise, Annika, Grantchester, Father Brown, Shakespeare & Hathaway, and so much more, including Endeavour, the popular prequel to the iconic Inspector Morse series.

AcornTV Streaming: The Brokenwood Mysteries Season Nine And Going Strong

by Kathleen Costa

AcornTV continues to provide me with hours of laughs, tears, gasps, and nods of interest … all in all big time entertainment I can stream anywhere, anytime, on any of my devices with excellent video and audio quality. With so many streaming options available, I consider my AcornTV membership well worth the cost. You can choose a $6.99 monthly fee or a special discount for an annual charge of $69.99.

Holding on AcornTV Streaming

by Kathleen Costa

Streaming is my new amusement, but there are so many options I had to consider before committing to a membership. Does it meet my entertainment needs? Is it a good value? Can I stream on any device? For me, AcornTV checked all the boxes. It is an Anglophile’s dream with an eclectic library of programs from all around the Commonwealth, from decades ago to current productions, from comedies and dramas to documentaries and foreign language.

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries: Aurora Teagarden Mysteries Something New

by Kathleen Costa

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries has found a creative way to continue its Aurora Teagarden franchise without its original, iconic star Candace Cameron Buré. The young Aurora, however, is not Buré’s daughter, Natasha, who played the high school version in the flashbacks in Haunted by Murder, but instead Skyler Samuels has been cast as the college graduate.

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries: The Dancing Detective, A Deadly Tango

by Kathleen Costa

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries is shining brightly with several returning and new mysteries to excite fans. The very popular Hallmark lead Lacey Chabert (Crossword Mystery) is cast in the role of Detective Constance Bailey in the new The Dancing Detective: A Deadly Tango. Her co-star, British actor and Hallmark regular Will Kemp, is one with whom she is very familiar having concocted sweetness in Love, Romance, & Chocolate and tripped the light fantastic in Christmas Waltz.

Poker Face Mystery TV Review

by Bobbi A. Chukran

Poker Face, the television show launched in January 2023, is a murder-mystery-of-the-week series featuring an offbeat, quirky premise. Its great episodic storytelling hearkens back to the classic TV crime shows like Colombo. In other words, these are fun “howcatchem” adventures.



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