Feral Paws Rescue

Feral Paws Fosters—Arthur O’Brien Jr.

by Paula Hunsaker

Fosters are so important to rescue groups. They open there homes up to moms and kittens, cats, and kittens in need for special care. When a rescue group is so blessed with a foster that is amazing, its can be a life saver to a rescue group. Rescue work isn’t a forever one. It’s not cake and ice cream. It can be so ugly at times too often then we in rescue want to see. But we must remain strong and fight for the life that is in danger. Our rescue group has been so blessed with an amazing foster for one of our moms and kittens that are doing amazing well and are in the best care every. Thanks to our foster Arthur O'Brien Jr.!

Feral Paws: Wednesday Beautiful Black Kitty

by Paula Hunsaker

Wednesday was rescued from CCSPCA High Kill Shelter as a one-month-old kitten with a sibling. They both went into foster care with the vet tech at Care Vet Hospital in Fresno. It was going very well while in foster care. When they became four months old, I got a phone call from the vet tech that was fostering them. She told me that she wanted to keep one of the siblings. A foster failure! That happens so much when kittens are in foster care and the foster parent becomes so attached to the foster babies in their care.

Feral Paws: Our Little Zubbe

by Paula Hunsaker

Our little Zubbe was rescued from CCSPCA, a high-kill shelter. When we pulled Zubbe from the shelter she was dragging her back legs, plus she was very sick with a URI (urinary tract infection). Her poor body was so cold and had become very dehydrated. I honestly was losing hope in considering pulling Zubbe due to her many health issues. Well, I did, and after many visits to our rescue vet and the assurances giving me hope for Zubbe’s well being, I brought her to the rescue.

Feral Paws: Sir (Orange) and King (Black)

by Paula Hunsaker

Our rescue, receives so many emails daily asking for help in receiving cats and kittens. Our board has a policy of taking in only animals from high-kill shelters, because the cats and kittens in high-kill shelters have such a short period of time before being euthanized. Our rescue currently has pull rights at 17 shelters in California. As the CEO/Founder of this rescue, I can step up to help non-shelter cats and kittens depending on their stories. I honestly try not to override that policy because so many cats and kittens need help in kill shelters.

Feral Paws Rescue: CoCo

by Paula Hunsaker

Coco is a very special kitty in our family. Awhile ago I took my granddaughter to CCSPCA, a high-kill shelter, to pick up kitties that our rescue was pulling. While bringing in carriers to pick up the kitties. My granddaughter was looking at the kitties in the stray cattery. She came running out of the stray area and telling me, “Grandma, I found a kitty, and I want to save the kitty’s life. Grandma, come look at the kitty. Can we save this kitty?” I told her let’s go look at the kitty. She grabbed my hand and told me, “Come. Oh, Grandma, come and see the kitty."

Feral Paws Rescue: Peg & Micky

by Paula Hunsaker

Peg and Micky were both rescued from CCSPCA, a high-kill shelter in Fresno. Both have medical issues which meant that they were both listed on the daily urgent list, and they would be euthanized at the end of the day they were posted. Sadly, when a medical issue cat is posted, they are overlooked by other rescues for the expense in having to deal with the medical issues, unless they have a private sponsor who will pay for medical procedures. When Peg and Micky were posted, I kept looking at their photos during the day.

Feral Paws Team Work

by Paula Hunsaker

We have been so blessed to work with Margo Campainha-Cassidy who is with Whiskers, Tails, and Ferals in Napa, California. Margo is amazing! She saves over 1,000 animals a year from High Kill Shelters. I truly admire her so much, because she is so much like our rescue who looks out for the misfits. I have followed her work with the cats that are so sick that they are on death's door, only to bring them back to life so they can move forward to being adopted. We spend a lot of time texting about the animals.

Feral Paws Rescue: Tulare Animal Control

by Paula Hunsaker

In the world of rescue, it is like a battlefield between rescue groups and Animal Control. It’s a pretty simple battlefield: rescue groups want to save a life from being ended at a kill shelter. In the eyes of a rescue group, Animal Control kills perfectly healthy animals with just a few days to make it out of kill shelters. But people keep dumping their pets at high-kill shelters knowing they may die within three to seven days once they have been left there. From our perspective, we see the staff as heartless humans who take a life of a healthy animal. So, speaking of Animal Control in a positive manner is uncommon in the world of rescue.

Feral Paws Rescue: Meeting Freddie

by Paula Hunsaker

Freddie was rescued from CCSPCA, a high-kill shelter. A shelter staff member at CCSPCA texted me to tell me about Freddie who was being pulled to be euthanized that day. He wanted to see if I would help Freddie because he was such a sweet boy that was born with a crippled front leg. He was good with the litter box and got along fine with his leg being crippled. The shelter had tagged him to be euthanized deeming him as being unadoptable due to being infirm, or crippled. He was not this perfect cat for the shelter to be concerned with as being adoptable. As if cats coming into high-kill shelters are perfect purebred cats!



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