Feral Paws Rescue: Sambora and Bongiovi

Aug 13, 2022 | 2022 Articles, Animal Rescue Adventures, Feral Paws Rescue, Pets

by Lupe Gore,
Feral Paws Adopter/Board Member

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It’s been a while since I have written about cats. I have adopted through Feral Paws Rescue, but this month I am honored to present two very special recent rescues to everyone. Both cats are black, rescued from the CCSPCA in July 2022, and scheduled to be euthanized there.


Sambora is eight years old and was an owner surrender to the shelter. She is rather shy but very loving and gets along well with other cats after initially hissing at all of them when she was first let out of the carrier at her new home. It took three days to get her here from when the Rescue was first notified she was going to have to be a rescue pull to actually getting her out of the shelter. Apparently due to her age, no one felt she would be adoptable from there. Her name was originally Midnight, and the shelter didn’t inform the Rescue why she was surrendered.


Bongiovi is nine to ten years old and had been surrendered to the shelter as well—twice. He originally was taken there in October 2017 for “not getting along with the dog and the kids.” Then in July 2022, he was returned by the second owner for unknown reasons. The day he was pulled in mid-July, he only had a couple hours left to live as he was scheduled for euthanasia that evening. His name had been Becker. Well, this big handsome “house panther” is a total lover! He quickly assimilated to his new home, mostly wanting to sleep with his new human and just get as much love as he can. There are no dogs or kids in his new home, but lots of other kitties, and he gets along with all of them.

Whenever there is an urgent call from the CCSPCA, Feral Paws Rescue has always been there to pull the kitties who need to be out immediately. As these two kitties are older, the Rescue felt it would be better for them to go to a home setting instead of being kenneled, and also the chances of them being quickly adopted weren’t favorable. Both kitties were already suffering from being dumped at the shelter, put into cages, and hoping their lives didn’t end there. They were living on a prayer, and their prayers were answered.

Thank you, Feral Paws Rescue, for saving their lives and the lives of so many like them.

EMAIL: fprg.org@gmail[dot]com
Phone: 559-412-7226

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