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Jan 14, 2023 | 2023 Articles, Animal Rescue Adventures, Feral Paws Rescue, Pets

by Lupe Gore

Feral Paws Rescue Group in Fresno shares with us some of their animal rescue adventures every month. Check out KRL’s article about Feral Paws to learn more about them and check out their website.

Feral Paws Rescue has a diverse group of cats, some who will become permanent residents, some feral who love to roam the property and others who are waiting for adoption. This is the story of three of those cats.

Donald at the rescue

Donald, a young adult ginger tabby, was rescued from the CCSPCA in the summer of 2022, and obviously at the time he was pulled from the shelter hadn’t had human contact. Over the months he has remained in one area of the rescue, initially in a kennel until one day he decided he wanted to be free again. He had gradually come around to know who was going to give him food and who he could trust and over time his fear abated. Now, he seems to know when the human who feeds him will be coming around and is waiting for that person on his own special perch. Sooner or later we hope he will allow some handling, but he is no longer hissing, so that’s a great sign! He has already made great progress from when he was rescued to today. He even allowed a close up photo!


Evelyn, a dilute calico, was an owner surrender to the CCSPCA and is approximately three years old. She had developed an upper respiratory infection at the shelter, so she was deemed “rescue only”. Since being at Feral Paws Rescue, she has completely recovered and in the process, become a permanent resident after endearing herself to everyone there. She is very lovable and wants attention all the time. And she is a big lap cat! Evelyn likes to go outside but prefers to be inside the house and get all the attention she believes she deserves. She gets along with all the cats she is around but is happiest when she is inside playing with all her toys and getting undivided human attention.

Friday at the rescue

Friday, a beautiful female tabby, who is part Maine Coon, was recently surrendered to the CCSPCA after traveling with her former owners from New Mexico and sadly only to end up at the shelter. She is approximately one year old and could still be growing! Friday is very, very affectionate and lets those at the rescue carry her in their arms, rubs up against people, and loves to have her gorgeous silky long coat petted. She is currently housed in an area where she can watch all the birds and other cats while she is waiting for her forever home which certainly shouldn’t take too much time at all.

These are just three of the beautiful cats at Feral Paws Rescue, and they show the diverse group of cats who currently reside there. All cats are placed together or apart at the Rescue depending on their personalities so they will be as comfortable as possible. Some are in group houses and others in single kennels, and as with Donald and others like him, they just roam around the property, which is securely fenced, and come to the humans and the feeding stations for food, just not for too much affection. Actually none of them run from the approaching humans, they just don’t want to be handled. But no matter what each cat prefers or what their personality is, they all deserve to live the best life possible and everyone at Feral Paws Rescue does that for them. Life is good at Feral Paws Rescue!

Phone: 559-412-7226

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