The Perilous Peregrinations of Penelope Pipsqueak By Wilhelmina Writerly

Mar 16, 2019 | 2019 Articles, Books & Tales, Every Other Book

by Nancy Holley

Details on how to win copies of all 3 books at the end of this post.

The exploits of Penelope Pipsqueak by Wilhelmina Writerly (aka Irene Morse) were inspired by Writerly’s eldest great grandchild. “Write a story for me, GG!” was the excited request. Writerly had never written a children’s book, but the longer she mulled the idea, the more inspired she became.

Always interested in broadening the horizons of those around her – no matter their age – Writerly decided to take on the challenge. What would be her focus? What would be her dos and don’ts when writing for children?

Number 1 Never talk down to them – Increase their vocabulary
Number 2 Take them to exotic places – Increase their sense of adventure
Number 3 Demonstrate children’s power – Increase their self-worth
Most of all, Make them infinitely curious!

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Has she accomplished these goals? Well, the title of the series was an excellent start. How many of you know what “peregrinations” are? I had to have it explained to me. Peregrinations are journeys – exploits – adventures!

Writerly cleverly weaves into her stories the explanations for words or phrases that her readers might not have previously encountered. She explains in Volume 1 of the series: “Penelope Pipsqueak likes to go on Perilous Peregrinations. In other words, she likes to go on Dangerous Journeys. I may have forgotten to tell you that Penelope is also very brave.”

The subtitles of the first three volumes in the series (more on the way) are:

The Mountain Gorillas of Rwanda
The Ancient City of Delphi in Greece
Turkey, the Land of Whirling Dervishes, Fairy Chimneys, and Flying Carpets
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What an impressive list of exotic places to pique a child’s sense of adventure! Writerly’s books are replete with pictures and maps. The maps explain how the children travel from their home in California nearly half way around the world to the locations of the adventures. The pictures allow the reader to see the sights being experienced by the children.

How might the power of children be shown? Writerly had no problem with that goal. She gave each of the children in her stories a super power. For example, Penelope’s super power is that she can speak and understand all animal languages. A very handy power when you need information about a situation that no person saw!

By the way, did I mention that in each volume of the series, Writerly introduces another of her great grandchildren? She has eleven and the number keeps growing! Her imagination and identification of super powers will demonstrate to readers that many skills and characteristics can be “super.” Everyone has something that makes him/her special is the message Writerly wants her readers to know.children's book

Writerly masterfully leaves the reader with a desire to know more – supporting the infinitely curious goal. The reader wants to know more about each of the children – readers can make up their own stories and thus, never be wrong. What other sights might there be to see in Africa, Greece, and Turkey? Where will Penelope go next? What other cousin(s) will go with her on the next adventure?

The Penelope Pipsqueak series will be a fun and educational read for your child or children. Let them have that pleasure today. The books are all available by visiting Amazon. Type in “Penelope Pipsqueak” and the series will pop up.


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