James Garcia Jr.

Countdown to the Oscars: Movie Reviews!

by KRL Staff

Over the next six days KRL is going to review the 10 Oscar nominated movies--one a day. Yes I know that doesn't add up to 10, however we have already reviewed four of them and we will be re-posting those here as well! So enjoy our Oscar countdown and please share with us your thoughts on who you think should win in the comment section! Instead of a brand new post for each movie--we will be adding a new movie to this post every night so be sure and come back right here every evening to see what we've added.

C.O.P.S. (Concerns of Police Survivors)

by James Garcia Jr.

When a family loses a loved one, there is typically some support: friends and family visit or often stay for extended periods of time; a local priest, pastor or other church official might pay a visit; or the church family might bring meals to the home for that terrible first week. If the individual who died was in law enforcement and was killed in the line of duty however, then there is an organization that steps in to help: C.O.P.S.

Ramos Torres Winery, An Extraordinary Find in Kingsburg

by James Garcia Jr.

In an area of Kingsburg where one might not expect to find anything extraordinary, there is a wine tasting room that is exactly that. At 1665 Simpson, on the west side of the street, some award-winning wines can be found, not from Napa or the Central Coast, but from the California Central Valley. Kingsburg High and 2005 Fresno State graduate, Oscar F. Ramos, is producing premium wines at the winery that he founded: Ramos Torres Winery.

The Dickens Carolers

by James Garcia Jr.

The young women don their matching long skirts and jackets, put on their bonnets, and thrust their cold hands into hand muffs for warmth. The young men dress in black pants, white tuxedo shirts, black capes and top hats. They wear festive colored shawls and vests respectively, bringing rays of sunshine to the dreary winter.

Using Art & Martial Arts For God

by James Garcia Jr.

An amazing and multitalented artist has devoted his life to bringing change to the hearts of the California Central Valley and well beyond. His name is Rick Alonzo, and he has been incorporating his talents of painting, martial arts and gymnastic skills to preach the gospel of Christ as well as hope, love and racial reconciliation to places such as schools, inner cities, juvenile halls and Christian crusades since 1992.