Kingsburg Taste of the Town/October 10

Oct 6, 2010 | Arts & Entertainment, Community, James Garcia Jr.

by James Garcia Jr.

This Sunday, October 10th, 2010, the Rotary Club of Kingsburg is sponsoring its 8th annual Taste of the Town event. It is being held at the Kingsburg Historical Park at 2321 Sierra Street behind the Kingsburg High School. The proceeds from the event sponsor community projects.

Clay School Building

The event runs from 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm in the park area behind the Clay School building. According to Scott Carlson, a 25-year member of the Rotary Club, the participating restaurants will encircle the dining area and guests will be greeted at a welcoming table. They will be given a passport as well as a plastic tray and wine glass. If you have yet to attend one of these events, the passports are marked after each restaurant has been visited.

Among the restaurants attending are Jonathan’s, The Royal & Ancient Grill, Corsaro’s Family Pizza, Deli Casa, Los Pepe’s, Baby Cakes & Ice Cream, Sun Hong Kong, Scores, Pub N Sub, Kady’s Country Kitchen, Salazar’s Grill & Bar, Jeb’s Waffles N’ Ribs and many more. The Ramos Torres Winery and Wildhurst Vineyards will be on hand for wine tasting. There will be music and a silent auction.

“I am most proud to have the honor of presiding over our Taste of the Town,” said Rotary Club President, Harris Holm. “I feel this is the signature event of all the functions and programs our club presents to Kingsburg. (It brings) together the best in food our local restaurants have to offer for the enjoyment of everyone in the community. Because of the hard work of every one of our members, this all comes together in the beautiful, serene, and nostalgic atmosphere of the Historical Park.”

Kingsburg Historical Park

When asked why the restaurants attend this event, for the most part donating their time and food, they collectively praise the work of the Rotary Club as well as note their sense of duty to the community. “The Rotary Club is a good group and the event is always so well run,” said Chef Randy Soares of The Royal and Ancient Grill. “I really like to support them. What they spend the money on is really cool.”

Jonathan Evans of Jonathan’s stated that the Rotary Club is good for downtown. “It’s a neat event and gives us a chance to show our stuff and sample other people’s food.”

“Rotary is community,” said Jose Orozco, owner of Los Pepe’s. “They do not make money. They put it back into the town. I think it’s a good thing.”

Mural painted on the side of Los Pepe’s

Monies raised during the first six years of the event went to the large and beautiful mural painted on the side of Los Pepe’s. Recent monies went into lighting. “Earlier this year, we installed old style street lights in the park which added function and ambiance to improve the enjoyment of the guests and for all of the functions that are held there,” said Holm. This year’s event will include an official dedication of the lighting project.

Among the many participants, the following restaurants were kind enough to allow Kings River Life Magazine to have a look at their menus for the event:

Jonathan’s: New York Strip with a Mushroom Crème Sauce and Rice Pilaf. As an appetizer add-on, they are serving Chicken Wings drenched in Sweet Chili Sauce. For dessert, they will be serving Chocolate Ice Cream.

Pub n’ Sub: Pepperoni Pizza, a Bar-B-Que Chicken pizza, a Chicken-Veggie Pizza, as well as Lasagna.

The Royal and Ancient Grill: will be doing something unique for this event. They will be serving three courses. During the first hour they will be serving French-Style Potato Salad; during the second hour, Sausage and White Beans; and for the third hour, Bread Pudding.

Deli Casa: Chili Verde and Rice.

Los Pepe’s: Chicken Mole and Rice.

Baby Cakes & Ice Cream: will be featuring some of their more popular Superior Dairy Ice Cream, including seasonal favorite peach, chocolate chip, vanilla and maple nut. They will also be serving cupcakes.

“(Taste of the Town is) a place where there will be the opportunity to enjoy fellowship with their fellow citizens while tantalizing their taste buds with the best of our local restaurants and wineries,” added Holm.

The tickets for the event are limited to the first 400 guests and are $25.00. They can be purchased at Kingsburg Insurance Agency, Sandra Helm Accounting and Tax Services, Firecrest Designs or the Kingsburg Chamber of Commerce.

Watch for another Local Live next Wednesday at 7 p.m.!

James Garcia Jr. is an ongoing contributor to our Downtown Doings section and a long-time resident of Kingsburg where his debut novel, Dance on Fire, is set.


  1. I just spoke with Sandra Helm of the Rotary Club of Kingsburg to inquire about tickets. The actual price is $40, NOT $25. I mentioned your article to her with the incorrect ticket price and advised some people reading your article might be upset with ticket price shock when they arrive at the event. Since the event is only 3 days away, I don’t know if there is time to correct. the mistake but at least the Rotary, who is hosting the event, has been warned.

    • This is an old article from 2010 not one about the 2021 event.


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