A Christmas Story, The Musical Spreads Holiday Cheer in the Central Valley

Nov 18, 2023 | 2023 Articles, Molly Eide Marquez, Theatre

by Molly Eide Marquez

I Triple Dog Dare You to Get to Roger Rocka’s This Holiday Season!

As the holiday season blankets us in the warmth of festive cheer, Roger Rocka’s Dinner Theater in the heart of the Central Valley has unwrapped a delightful present for audiences: the Broadway rendition of the timeless Christmas classic A Christmas Story, presented by the Good Company Players.

Under the creative guidance of directors Emily Pessano and Robert Sanchez, and with lively choreography by Pessano and Jessica Sarkisian, this production weaves the iconic movie into a musical tapestry that captures the true magic of the season.

Cast of GCP’s production of “A Christmas Story”

From the moment the curtain rose, the theater resonated with the joyful strains of holiday spirit, akin to the familiar jingle of sleigh bells. The infectious energy radiating from the cast created an atmosphere that not only warmed the hearts of the audience but also transported them to a bygone era filled with wonder and merriment.

Ralphie (Jamie Parmer)

Stepping into the oversized snow boots of the determined young Ralphie was the incredibly talented Jamie Parmer. Parmer’s performance not only stole the show but also served as a shining star atop the Christmas tree. With wide-eyed innocence and vocal prowess, he embodied Ralphie with such authenticity that it was impossible not to be swept up in the enchantment of his holiday journey. Parmer’s rendition of the classic lines, including the legendary “Oh, fudge” and “You’ll shoot your eye out,” landed with the perfect mix of humor and nostalgia, sparking laughter that echoed through the very full theater.

Cast of GCP’s production of “A Christmas Story”

Dan Pessano, taking on the role of the narrator, Jean Shepherd, enchanted the audience with a storytelling finesse that rivaled Santa’s gift-wrapping skills. His soothing voice, reminiscent of Mister Rogers, guided the narrative with a blend of humor and sentimentality, creating an emotional connection with the audience that heightened the overall experience. Pessano’s delivery of the iconic story was met with appreciative chuckles from those who hold the film dear.

GCP’s production of “A Christmas Story”

The script of A Christmas Story served as a treasure trove of puns and memorable lines, and the production did not shy away from incorporating these gems. From the infamous leg lamp to the Red Ryder BB gun obsession, each scene brought forth a cascade of laughter and recognition, weaving a seamless tapestry of holiday nostalgia for both seasoned fans and newcomers alike.

Beyond the footlights, Roger Rocka’s Dinner Theater proved to be a holiday gem in itself. Executive Chef Eric DeGroot’s culinary wizardry translated into a menu that not only delighted the taste buds but also cleverly mirrored the festive theme of the performance. The impeccable service and delectable fare elevated the dining experience, creating a harmonious blend of gastronomic pleasure and theatrical delight. The shared laughter, applause, and joyous camaraderie transformed Roger Rocka’s into a communal haven, making the outing more than a mere performance—it was a shared celebration of the holiday season.

GCP’s production of “A Christmas Story”

It’s clear that Roger Rocka’s and Good Company Players have once again gifted the Central Valley with a seasonal experience that will be fondly remembered throughout the years. So, reader, I triple dog dare you to see this performance. You won’t regret it!

A Christmas Story, The Musical will be playing at Roger Rocka’s through January 7. To view showtimes and learn more, visit rogerrockas.com/shows/categories/roger-rockas.

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Molly is a Central Valley native, where she and her family live, work, and play. A graduate of CSU Fresno, she is actively involved in the local community and is proud to lift up those around her, shining light on the many wonderful people and organizations that make the Central Valley such a great place to live.


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