Morgan’s Pair a Dice, Bringing Gaming Fun to Reedley

Nov 2, 2013 | 2013 Articles, Arts & Entertainment, Community, Lorie Lewis Ham, Reedley News

by Lorie Lewis Ham

In 2013, several new businesses have opened up in Reedley–Urban Roots, MCC Cafe, Mooner’s, and now Morgan’s Pair a Dice. Each trying to bring something new and unique to Reedley’s downtown.

“It’s always fun and exciting to have something new in Downtown Reedley,” said Barbie Shakespeare of the Reedley Downtown Association. “We are seeing more and more people from different areas choosing Downtown Reedley to set up shop. And we’re excited about them joining the Downtown Association, so we can help them get their message out.”
Local groups like Reedley Mom’s have already had game nights at Morgan’s since their opening in August of this year. “They have a large selection of unique games and they offer homework help after school for kids,” shared Julie Cornelson, founder of Reedley Mom’s.

We are always excited to see something new in the area, so we took some time to chat with one of the owners, Ryan Morgan, about their new store and what they have to offer the people of not only Reedley, but they hope the Valley.

KRL: What exactly is Morgan’s Pair of Dice and what do you carry?

Ryan: Morgan’s Pair-a-Dice is a tabletop game store. We specialize in Family Games, Designer Board Games, Collectible Card Games, and Specialty Ranges as well as accessories. We also provide a premium open gaming area and are a great destination for CCG Tournaments. We have two unique specialties. First, special nights, board game leagues, and in house games mastered by Morgan’s Pair-a-Dice staff. Second, we build and custom paint miniatures in the store. We offer a wide range a miniatures that you can purchase and then have painted to your specifications by our staff.

KRL: Who owns Morgan’s?

Ryan: Morgan’s Pair-a-Dice is jointly owned and operated by Bryan Morgan, Ryan Morgan, and David Chesterton. Between us, we have over 60 years of gaming experience across multiple genres and game types.

KRL: Where are you located?

Ryan: We are located at 1151 G St. We share a location with Vera’s Furniture Store.

KRL: What do you offer besides selling games?

One of the owners of Morgan's Pair-a-Dice David Chesterton

Ryan: What makes us unique is our huge gaming space and the way we approach the hobby. When you come to our store you do not need to know anything about board gaming or actually own any games. We offer an extensive library and teach and play along every day.

KRL: What kind of games do you carry?

We carry Eurogames, Ameritrash games, Dexterity Games, Card Games, RPGs, CCGs, LCGs, and a large range of miniature games. Eurogames or European Games are gaining an increasing popularity in the states and usually offer unique game play coupled with attractive minimalist pieces. American Games, affectionately known as “Ameritrash” tend to be big and colorful with extravagant pieces and more luck based game play. Dexterity games come in all shapes and sizes and usually focus on physical skill. RPG’s or role-playing games use a pen, paper, and your imagination to build a game. CCG’s and LCG’s are collectible and living card games, which use custom decks of cards to form a competitive game. And finally, miniature games are an exciting hobby were you build and paint all your own miniatures and build and paint your own battlefield to create an immersive tactical gaming experience. It’s a favorite of ours and we offer a few armies and some terrain to players wanting to try out the hobby.

KRL: How and why did you end up deciding to open a store like this?

Ryan: We have a passion for the hobby and wanted to share it with others. We also felt like we had something fresh to offer. To my knowledge, we are the only store in the valley that will not just sell you a game but take you from the purchase through your first play.

KRL: Why did you choose Reedley?

Ryan: Reedley happened to fit for us at the time we were looking for a home. The city was very helpful and Vera was kind enough to share her space with us and helped us create an amazing atmosphere for gaming. Once we began to discuss the possibility of coming to Reedley it made sense, Reedley is just a short drive from just about anywhere and allows us to be a meeting point for friends around the valley.

KRL: Are any of you from Reedley?

None of us are actually from Reedley. David is from Dinuba and I am from Sanger, but we both graduated from Immanuel High and attended Reedley College. Reedley is were we first met 14 years ago! Bryan also attended Reedley College and is from Selma.

Local gamers enjoying a part of the large upstairs gaming area

KRL: Tell us a little about your backgrounds.

Ryan: I am originally from Selma were I worked on the family farm for 15 years. During that time, I also worked on a degree in Early Childhood Education and hope to finish it within the next couple years. David is an Air Force veteran who served as a crew chief and was a senior airman when he left. Bryan Morgan is a retired Fresno County Sheriff’s Deputy and Fresno County Swat Officer. Currently he is an instructor at Kaplan College in their Criminal Justice Program.

KRL: What are your hours?

Ryan: We are open Sunday – Thursday from 11 a.m. – 8 p.m. and Friday-Saturday from 11a.m. – Midnight.

KRL: What are your future goals for Morgan’s?

Ryan: Our goal is to become the number one board gaming store in the Valley. We also have plans to expand our stock into all things geek including clothing and collectibles.

KRL: I see from your Facebook page that you have events at your store–can you share with us about these?

Ryan: Yes! We have a full schedule each week. Monday is “Mostly Obscure Monday,” each Monday we bring a game from our personal collection of over 500 games. The game we bring is usually not well known and lots of fun. You can come in anytime Monday and play. Tuesday is League Night. We are working on building a Magic League and Board Game League. On Tuesday, players can join others in playing the games they love during some casual competition. Wednesday is Role Playing Night. On Wednesday night, Dungeon Masters play for free if they host a game in the store and we occasionally host a game ourselves. Watch our page for information on an upcoming Inquisitor Campaign hosted by Morgan’s Pair-a-Dice.

KRL: What does it cost to play at Morgan’s?

Ryan: On a normal day its 2 dollars per person or 5 dollars for 4 people. Tournaments vary but are normally 5 dollars per person. Tournament entry fees go toward prize support. Other events are usually free such as demos or our recent zombie speed painting competition.

KRL: Do you have a website?

Ryan: No, We operate primarily through our Facebook Page and have just begun exploring, which has kindly offered us a shop forum. We love Facebook and find it’s the best way to stay in touch with our customers.

KRL: Is there anything you would like to add?

Ryan: Yes, two things. First, it’s important to note that we are a family friendly store and for just 5 dollars, a family with little or no experience can come down and enjoy an entire evening of gaming here in the store with our Library. We welcome anyone to come down and explore what this hobby can offer them. Second, we offer a special to high school age children and under. Monday – Thursday they can play for free when they work on their homework in the store. Finish your homework and celebrate with some game time on us!

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