Poetry Corner: October winners!

Oct 30, 2010 | Jayce Ham, Teens, Terrific Tales

by Valley Teens

These poems were written by local teens who won our October Teen Talk poetry contest. Many of this month’s poems tie into Halloween in some way at least with some sort of a dark edge. The contest is open to anyone age 14-19 in the Kings River area. The next contest results will be published in November, with submissions accepted immediately. Take advantage of this chance to have your poem published online and available for everyone to read! Any subject or type of poem will be considered with five or more poems selected at the end of each month going forward, details below.


Candy Witch
by Guillermo Jimenez, 15, Sophomore, Orange Cove High School

Do you like your treats?
Come and get your sweets.
Follow me into my house,
Like an eager little mouse.
I’ll cut you up and eat you for dinner,
You hit my window claiming to be the winner.
Running around the track,
So tonight, you’d better watch your back.
Hmmm… maybe I shouldn’t have ate her,
But who cares I would have done it later,
Just to let you know you’re next,
No points in running but go ahead and try your best.

The Last Minutes
by Kristalyn Patzkowski, 16, Junior, Reedley High School

I’m not sure if there is a smell,
But there is definitely a look to it:

She was no longer herself,
And everyone could see.
Everyone could see it in her eyes,
How they were suddenly cold and glassy.
And her narrow frame now seemed
Shriveled, close to nothing.
Her tiny figure had become just
Ribs and grotesque flaps of skin.
Burned into my mind are those yellow fingernails–
Resembling dipped in dye.
Who could forget the image?
Of a soul, ripping apart from this single corpse?
Certainly not I.
Especially when I awaited by her bedside,
Watching her take some of her last breaths.

Love or Life?
by Jocelyn Balladarez, 13, Freshmen, Reedley High School

When a girl is in love, it is sweet, but,
What is love like, she doesn’t know what.
Once she meets him, the relationship’s begun.
But after awhile, she thinks, “What have I done?”
He holds her to please her it seems,
She falls asleep, with soothing dreams.
The first kiss had come and she’s nicely seated on his lap,
He then poisons her! Oh no, she fell right in his trap!
Alas! It’s hopeless. She has had her time.
She’ fallen into a deep slumber, never woke up to the morning chime.
First love can be, then being struck with a knife.
It’s your choice. Do you choose love or life?

Traded Identities
by Madison Quiring, 17, Senior, Reedley High School

Give me a Face.
In exchange, I’ll give you a name.
Caution in the Faces you give away in the desire of Fame
Lest your name be, forever, maimed.

In the Face of this adversity,
Compromise Faces for masked laces.
Be vigilant lest they see your carried mace-
Your last, and only- ace.

Toss the die- observe how their Faces land.
Trade life in for luck-
Comprehend what is fake and avoid self-created muck.
Lest your chain of Faces hold you stuck.

City of Hopelessness
by Jessica Vincent, 17, Senior, Reedley High School

With peace, love, and joy,
How do I tell the boy
That life here in no more?
All they left was the core
Of what once was.
They left because the times got hard,
So many were scarred.
They needed to rebuild,
Before more got killed,
The death toll was already high.
All I could do was sigh,
Tell the boy what happened
And watch as his
Face dampened.

Ink of Black
by Lauryn Crum, 17, Immanuel High School

Stuck for answers
Hidden on the truth
Behind those lines
Trying to cover up.

Up, down
All around
Under over
Splatter, splatter.

Covered up
High facade
Scrunched, crinkled
Thrown away.

Following you
Sly and fierce
Turning, turning

Hurt and lost
Dear catches up
Paranoia penetrates
Logic lost, mental arrived.

‘Hello my lovely’
Voices swarmed
My ears covered
Trying to get away.

Caught in a net of lies
I stay as I’m ingested
Not meant to be
The ink of black drips away.

Heartbreak Valley
by Jessica Ham, 17, Senior, Reedley High School

Eyes meet
Hands touch
Hearts are shared;
Then broken.

Several times, I have tried;
To find love in this deep dark pit I live in.
It has never turned out perfect;
Never the way I wanted it to.
I guess love just isn’t made for the hearts of the Valley.

Tears soak my pillow,
More times then I can count.
I thought we were made for each other.
I tried something new.
But once again, my hopes were shattered.

Coming to terms with this was not easy.
Love has been the dream of many;
Especially me.
Fairy tale endings filling the pages of books;
Made me think love was always easy.

Several times, I have tried;
To find love in this deep dark pit I live in.
It has never turned out perfect;
Never the way I wanted it to.
I guess love just isn’t made for the hearts of the Valley.

by Guillermo Jimenez, 15, Sophomore, Orange Cove High School

Get ready for a night to remember,
In our town there is none better.
As good or nice as it may seem,
Brace yourself as everyone screams.
He waits in the dark,
And if you pass by, he’ll tear you apart.
It’s his game so you better look out,
But most of all just don’t shout.
He’s a lunatic of a man,
And he will hurt you like no other can.

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