Alpha & Omega, This Side of Light: CD Review

Oct 16, 2010 | Books & Tales, Music, Teens

by Kaiti Ray

Kingsburg’s musical community is a great environment for anyone looking to better themselves through their music. Artists out of Kingsburg definitely have talent and know how to use it. Kingsburg band, This Side of Light, has come a long way from the junior high kids that wanted to be in a band to the young men who now put everything they do into their faith.

The members of This Side Of Light–Malachi Roberts, Luke Gramza, Jason Enns, Jacob Donabedian, and Brent Hansen–recently released the album “Alpha and Omega”, meaning that God is the beginning and the end. The new album became available to the public on iTunes on September 1. Hard copies of the CD have been available from band members ever since then, and are now being sold at Spinner Records in Fresno.

The CD has a total of eight songs: “Alpha”, “Sleepers Wake”, “The Gain”, “First Impressions Last a Lifetime”, “The Loss”, “A Divine Attraction”, “The Amen”, and “Omega”. Every single one of these songs is about their love of God. My Personal favorite is “The Amen”, as it has a different sound than the band’s usual approach.
I have grown up with these boys since before I can remember, so I may be a little biased, but I can honestly say that this latest CD shows incredible maturity both musically and content wise. It’s hard to find young artists that are so consumed by their love of God that they can full heartedly devote all of their music towards worshiping Him.

When I say that the boys have come a long way, I mean that I still remember the boys fooling round on the stage in the 6th grade at our talent show. I also remember when they played a cover of Senses Fail’s “Buried a Lie” on the outdoor stage at Rafer Johnson Junior High during lunch, and the countless shows that I attended since then.

Overall, the CD is probably the best self-produced album I have ever heard, not to mention that the production of the hardcopies was very well done. The CD is printed with the Greek symbols for Alpha and Omega and includes a booklet with all of the song lyrics. While the talent is evident and the music is great listening, it is important to remember whom they do everything for. The whole album is the band’s way of spreading the love that God has put in their lives with everyone.

Kaiti Ray is 17 and an ongoing contributor to our
Teen Talk section; an up and coming writer from Kingsburg, she hopes to someday be a New York Times best-selling author.


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