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River Blind: Local Band CD Review

IN THE October 8 ISSUE

FROM THE 2011 Articles,
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by Stephanie Barnett

Many bands write about life experiences, past experiences, and the relationships you make along that path. River Blind does more than just that. They write songs about their journey in life and all the unexpected twists and turns that everyone experiences.

River Blind is a local band created by two brothers, Damian Rivera (drums, percussion, keyboards) and Brian Rivera (vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, harmonica) in 1999. The brothers have been performing with local bands since the late 90’s and have produced albums with a few different bands. After the break up of Damian and Brian’s previous band, Reckus Trap, the two decided to create their own music. Brian, the younger brother wrote a collection of very personal songs, and with encouragement, went on to write many more emotional songs and popular songs. Soon after the two were performing all over California.

River Blind

River Blind’s music ranges from folk, to rock, to even disco. Not only do they sing in English, they sing in a variety of languages, from Spanish to Latin, Italian and even Punjabi. Brian said, “We love all kinds of music, so why limit ourselves?” Why indeed. The two blend so many types of music and languages flawlessly into their songs. River Blind defies all music laws and refuses to be categorized. Nothing is left out and no subject has been ignored. River Blind gets it’s name from the oldest brother Damian. He said, “River Blind relates to how life is much like a river which flows forward, not knowing where the next bend will be.”

Their current CD includes the song “Step Right Up”, an emotional one about coming to terms with a break up, when you were in it more than the other person was. “00000” a Spanish song about the longing one has for someone missing from their life. “It’s Not The Same,” written solely by Damian, is about what happens when a relationship goes wrong. You can get their CDs for Purchase by Donation. “[It] gives our fans the option to contribute what they feel the CD was worth.” River Blind’s songs are also available for purchase online at www.royalborinquenrecords.com.

When I first got River Blind’s CD, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I did a little research before listening to the songs. I’m a fan of many genres but I’ve never come across a band that has so many all in one. I can honestly say I’m now a huge fan. I loved the emotion that the lyrics carried with them, and I couldn’t get some of the main chords out of my head all day! I really enjoyed the blend of styles they had, and even though I don’t speak Spanish fluently, the message in “00000” came across clearly. River Blind’s music is a compilation of many genres, styles, languages all mixed together in an unexpected and somewhat poetic way, and I would highly recommend them to anyone.

You can connect with River Blind on their Facebook page.

Stephanie Barnett is 17 and a contributor to our
Teen Talk section. She just graduated from Reedley High School and is attending Reedley College in the fall with plans to become a music teacher. At RHS she was in band, drama & an officer in NJROTC.

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1 River Blind December 22, 2011 at 8:49am

Thank you for reviewing our music. We have a new home where others can learn about us and it is now http://riverblind.weebly.com thank you!


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