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Sep 9, 2017 | 2017 Articles, Lorie Lewis Ham, Mysteryrat's Maze

by Lorie Lewis Ham

Have you ever attended a murder mystery party? They can be a LOT of fun! When I was in my twenties my brother and I wrote several of them and had parties for our friends-those were so much better than the boxed ones. Recently I heard about a company that puts on murder mystery parties all over the country called The Murder Mystery Co. I took some time to interview Patrick Salyer, their Digital Marketing Assistant about their company, which includes parties in San Francisco.

KRL: How and when did MMC come to be?

MMC: Scott Crampton started the MMC in 2002 doing local shows. In high school, he took part in a creative arts program. For the shows he was in, his role was often a supporting role. Once he completed high school, he studied at Grand Valley State University (GVSU) for film and theater. While studying at GVSU, he helped co-create a popular haunted attraction named “The Haunt.” This then led him to traveling the country teaching others to set up a haunted house. He started The Murder Mystery Company at the age of 21, and 15 years later, we have locations in 20 states and 42 venues. mmc

KRL: Where are you located?

MMC: Kentwood, Michigan.

KRL: Where all are you able to do dinners? (cities, states?)

MMC: Here is the sitemap of our website with our locations listed:

KRL: Do you provide the venue?

MMC: We provide the shows at the venues.

Past mystery partiesmmc

Past mystery party

KRL: Why mystery?

MMC: Who doesn’t like a good mystery?

KRL: What exactly do you do?

MMC: We do murder mystery dinner shows where the audience can participate with the actors.

KRL: What are the backgrounds of all those involved?

MMC: All actors and actresses are professionally trained.

KRL: Do you write your own shows?


MMC: Yes.

KRL: Do you use local actors?

MMC: All actors and actresses are professionally trained.

KRL: What kind of price range are these events?

MMC: Typically, our general admission tickets are $60, but depending on the city, it can be $90.

KRL: Who are some of the people/companies you have done your shows for that we might recognize?

MMC: Here is the webpage of company reviews we have

KRL: What sizes of groups can you do parties for?

MMC: Smallest groups we can do shows for are eight, but there’s no set maximum limit.

KRL: Do the guests get involved?

MMC: Yes.

KRL: Do you have a chef who makes the meals?


MMC: The venues provide the food, we provide the entertainment.

KRL: Are your events ever open to the public?

MMC: Yes!

KRL: Where can you be found online?

MMC: is our main website. And this one for San Francisco

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