Escala: CD Review

Aug 21, 2010 | Books & Tales, Jacob Alvarado, Music, Teens

by Jacob Alvarado

Escala album coverClassical music is making a comeback. The most popular type is that played with electric instruments. In the spring of 2009, English quintet Escala won the hit TV show Britain’s Got Talent. A few months later, they released their self-titled debut album. They paint pictures with the melodies through the rhythms of their violins and cello. The four members are all best friends from the United Kingdom.

Izzy plays first violin and is the brainchild behind the group. Playing second violin is the fiery redhead Victoria. Chantal plays an instrument many people consider a fake violin, the viola. The quintet is completed by the cello-playing goddess Tasya. Each girl brings something new to the group, a sense of being oneself through their instruments.


Escala's Promotional Trip to Taiwan
Left to right: Victoria Lyon, Chantal Leverton, Tasya Hodges and Izzy Johnston

Each song is totally different. The album is brought to life with the song “Requiem For A Tower.” This piece was actually written for the 2000 movie Requiem For A Dream; its haunting start and ravishing finish make it a wonderful way to start. “Palladio” is a dark and enchanting piece. With the first deep strums of the cello and the pixie like flits of the violin, this song takes you on a magical journey. In “Finding Beauty,” a gentle babbling brook sends you on an unchanged melody of descent and unknowingness. The most popular song on the album is the cover of the hit James Bond movie theme, “Live And Let Die.” The contrast of the violins to the melody of a piano make it a ground-breaking number. In true keeping with classical music, Escala ends the album with a rendition of “Adagio For Strings” by Handel.

All told, this group is going to go far. If you are a fan of the Australian quintet, Bond, then this is right up your alley.

Jacob Alvarado is 18 years old and a contributor to our Teen Talk section, oft bringing us an inside look at local theatre due to his love of performing.

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  1. I am a big fan of Escala. You’ve provided some good information about where they are now and how to find their music.


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